Methodology: Top 15 Best Online Colleges for Military and G.I. Bill

This page describes the methodology used in deriving the Top 15 Best Online Colleges for Military and G.I. Bill.

Net Price (Weighted 15%): We used data provided by College Navigator to collect information about colleges’ “net prices,” which offer an approximate cost of attendance based on total tuition, fees, and other expenses, as well as potential financial aid. The values presented here are NOT indicative of raw tuition rates.
U.S. News Ranking (weighted 20%): We collected information from U.S. News regarding the colleges they consider best for veterans. Their methodology considers discount programs like DANTES, Yellow Ribbon, and GI Bill, in addition to more generic data applicable to the best all around online colleges.
Military Times (Weighted 20%): We also included Military Times’ ranking of top schools for 2014, which assessed military enrollment as well as various measures of military-specific academic and administrative support.
Guide to Online Schools (Weighted 20%): This ranking assigned “military friendly” labels to colleges based on their perceived flexibility, financial aid discounts, online support, and “military culture.”
Military Benefits (Weighted 10%): We offered schools additional points based on their inclusion on a list of top colleges offering above-and-beyond financial discounts and scholarships for military students and veterans.
Military Friendly Programs (Weighted 15%): Lastly, we counted the number of “top military degree programs” that each online college offered. We sourced this ranking from, which selected the top 10 academic majors based on military members’ interests, aptitudes, and future career potential.

You can see more information about all of these categories by checking out our sources list at the end of the article. At the end of it all, we tallied the colleges’ points and assigned each of them a final score out of a possible 220. You’ll notice that even the very best school (listed last) didn’t come close to a perfect score, and that’s exactly what we’d expect. No online military college could possibly knock it out of the park in every category we measured or referenced. Plus, everyone has their own preferences — there is no one absolute best fit. That being said, this careful methodology and the resulting scores clearly indicate some great choices for veterans and military members thinking about attending school online.