Top 15 Best Online Colleges for Military and G.I. Bill

Online Military Education - Best Online Colleges for Military and G.I. Bill 2015By OME Staff
April 2015

This article considers the top online colleges for military and G.I. Bill available to students in 2015.

Members of the U.S. armed services often have unique needs when it comes to education, and typically look to go to school at special military online colleges. Although there aren’t necessarily many universities that cater exclusively to veterans and military members, a school can still be “military friendly” by offering discounts to veterans, providing military members with special resources, and offering a range of degree choices that will specifically interest those with experience in combat, law enforcement, leadership, and helping others.

There are a lot of rankings out there that claim to present a selection of the very best choices for military and G.I. Bill degrees. Our goal in this ranking was to take the opinions of other sources, add in a few of our own thoughts, and cross-reference all the information to truly reveal a “best of the best” list. For this Top 15 ranking, we used a specific methodology described here.

Park University Online Military Degree Programs

15. Park University

Park University offers a wide range of military friendly degree programs in a huge selection of class formats and locations. Students can choose to take courses online, at the main campus in Missouri, or at over forty campus centers across the country. The university’s B.A. programs include Business Administration, Health Care Management, Information and Computer Science, and Nursing, all of which are excellent choices for military students. Military Times recently ranked the school as the #8 Best Online and Nontraditional College for Military Students. With a low net price, Park University provides a flexible, high quality education at an affordable cost.
Net Price: $11,859/yr.
Total Score: 96.4

Regis University Online Military Degree Programs

14. Regis University

Regis University is an excellent option for military students looking for an enriching, top quality online military degree. This Jesuit university emphasizes the nourishment of the mind and the pursuit of truth, which is reflected in its high ranking from U.S. News as the #24 Best Online College for Veterans. Regis has entire colleges dedicated to Health Professions, Professional Studies, and Computer & Information Sciences, meaning that students in those fields can take advantage of well established systems of experience and support. Especially driven students can choose to take accelerated courses, either online or on campus, and finish their degree ahead of schedule.
Net Price: $23,873/yr.
Total Score: 97.1

Post University Online Military Degree Programs

13. Post University

Post University stands out for its reputation of excellent financial support for veterans and active duty students, and distinguished the university for providing particularly attractive financial aid programs and tuition discounts for military students. Post participates in the Yellow Ribbon and the DANTES programs, which allows students to participate in award-winning online military degrees in the Colleges of Science, Education, Business, and Public Service for an affordable price. For students who want to finish early, either to save money or to challenge themselves academically, it is possible to complete an online B.A. in just eighteen months and an online master’s in as few as fourteen months.
Net Price: $31,254/yr.
Total Score: 98.0

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Online Military Degree Programs

12. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University is a top scientific university with a global presence. In addition to online courses, the university has over 150 locations around the world for increased flexibility. Embry Riddle offers degrees in applied sciences, aviation, business, engineering, computers and technology, space sciences, and security, intelligence, & safety. These military friendly degrees are all available online and are recognized by multiple educational institutions. The university is an especially good choice for students interested in research; the university spends $14 million on applied research annually. U.S. News recently recognized Embry Riddle as the #2 Best Online College for Veterans in the nation.
Net Price: $17,983/yr.
Total Score: 98.1

Troy University Online Military Degree Programs

11. Troy University

Students at Troy University take advantage of small classes taught by highly experienced professors. Multiple organizations have recognized this university for the quality of its cheap online military degrees; U.S. News ranked Troy the #27 Best Online College for Veterans, while Military Times named it the #5 Best Online and Nontraditional College for Military Students. The university has a long history with the military and puts a strong focus on the vibrancy and strength of its community. Distance education students take part in that community through programs designed specifically for military students, like the virtual Troy for Troops support initiative.
Net Price: $10,292/yr.
Total Score: 99.7

City University of Seattle Online Military Degree Programs

10. City University of Seattle

The City University of Seattle provides flexible, practical military degrees for military students who want to study in a mature educational atmosphere. CU is designed for adult learners who want to further their career, rather than younger students just starting out. The university offers a performance based class format, which allows students to earn credit based on assessments of their knowledge; program members can put their previous experience to use and control the pace of their education. CU also stands out because it allows the spouses of service members to pay reduced military tuition rates as well. U.S. News ranked City University the #17 Best Online College for Veterans in recognition of its high level of support of military students.
Net Price: $31,659/yr.
Total Score: 100.4

Regent University Online Military Degree Programs

9. Regent University

Regent University is a Christian institution that provides significant financial support for military students and emphasizes education based on biblical principles. Military recognized the school for its spectacular aid programs and lowered tuition costs for military students. The university offers over 60 online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in subjects ranging from Cybersecurity and Information Systems and Technology to Healthcare Management and Business. The online courses are usually small, allowing students to get more individual attention from their professors. U.S. News recently ranked Regent University the #8 Best Online College for Veterans; it is an excellent choice for military students who want to incorporate their faith into their online military degree.
Net Price: $18,505/yr.
Total Score: 102.3

American Public University Online Military Degree Programs

8. American Public University

The American Public University was founded by a Marine Corps officer and maintains a strong network of connections with the U.S. military. APU has partnerships with a huge number of military organizations; Military Times ranked the school the #10 Best Online and Nontraditional College for Military Students, and the Guide to Online Colleges named it the #5 Best Online College for Military Members. The extensive list of G.I. Bill degrees covers topics that include Nursing, Computer Sciences, and a wide variety of Security & Global Studies subjects. In addition to supporting its military students, APU also devotes specific attention to the needs of disabled veterans in the educational process.
Net Price: $8,839/yr.
Total Score: 106.4

Drexel University Online Military Degree Programs

7. Drexel University

Drexel University is a prestigious school with high quality military friendly degrees that give veterans a strong start on the path to success. Drexel offers a unique program called cooperative education, in which students work a paid position for six months in their chosen field. Co-ops are available in nationwide and global locations, and allow students to build experience and connections for their future career. Drexel provides full tuition and fees for military students through the Yellow Ribbon Program in addition to offering unique supports for veterans through the Veteran Task Force and Veterans Lounge. In 2015, U.S. News ranked the university the #13 Best Online College for Veterans.
Net Price: $36,049/yr.
Total Score: 111.6

National University Online Military Degree Programs

6. National University

National University is dedicated to providing a wide range of flexible, military friendly degree programs. The university offers online and on-base options, and supports veteran students through its Center for Veteran Student Success. Online degrees are available in all five colleges, which cover Business and Management, Education, Engineering and Computing, Health and Human Services, Professional Studies, and Letters and Sciences. Military Times recently ranked National the #11 Best Online and Nontraditional College for Military Students; in addition to online courses, NU also has campuses in California, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, and Virginia.
Net Price: $21,142/yr.
Total Score: 112.9

Columbia College Online Military Degree Programs

5. Columbia College

Columbia College is a Yellow Ribbon school with plenty of options for every interest and location. Columbia demonstrates their commitment to military students through scholarships, tuition discounts, credit by examination, and transfer credit awarded for JST, CCAF, and Coast Guard experience. The G.I. Bill degrees range from Business Administration to Computer Information Systems to Nursing, with many other options as well. Columbia has campuses all across the country and allows students to start and stop their schooling abruptly and return at their own convenience. Military Times ranked Columbia College the #9 Best Online and Nontraditional College for Military Students.
Net Price: $16,360/yr.
Total Score: 115.0

Liberty University Online Military Degree Programs

4. Liberty University

Liberty University provides military degrees with a Christian focus. The Baptist college offers financial support for military students and is home to the Institute of Military Resilience. The Institute is dedicated to outreach and research for veterans, and runs both online and in-person social events for veteran students. Liberty offers standard programs such as Nursing, Health Sciences, and Engineering & Computational Sciences in addition to degrees in Religion and Seminary. included Liberty in its selection of the best financial aid programs for military students, as its special armed services discounts can significantly reduce the cost of overall attendance.
Net Price: $23,191/yr.
Total Score: 125.2

Central Michigan University Online Military Degree Programs

3. Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University is a top ranked online military college. In 2015, U.S. News recognized CMU as the #1 Best Online College for Veterans in the country. also ranked the school as a great financial aid and tuition discount provider for military students. CMU has 50 campuses across the U.S., 22 of which are located on military bases and installations, making it one of the most accessible colleges for active military service people and veterans alike. The university offers a solid selection of online degrees, including six bachelor’s degrees, graduate certificates, seven master’s degrees, and two doctorates. Students who have already completed their bachelor’s degree will find an excellent selection of options to continue their education.
Net Price: $12,936/yr.
Total Score: 128.9

Kaplan University Online Military Degree Programs

2. Kaplan University

Kaplan University is a good fit for military students looking for top quality associate’s degrees. The university offers six associate’s degrees that appeal particularly to military students, such as Health Science, Business Administration, Paralegal Studies, Criminal Justice, Health Information Technology, and Information Technology. Kaplan also has unique bachelor’s degrees that may catch the attention of veterans, including a program in Fire Science and Emergency Management. has ranked Kaplan highly as a provider of financial aid and tuition discounts, while Military Times and the Guide to Online Schools placed the school at #16 and #15 Best Online College for Military Members, respectively. What’s more, U.S. News also honors Kaplan, ranking it 20th nationwide for veterans.
Net Price: $18,975/yr.
Total Score: 130.1

Bellevue University Online Military Degree Programs

1. Bellevue University

Bellevue University’s military programs are extremely high quality and have won the school significant recognition. Bellevue offers military students accelerated degrees at decreased tuition rates in Leadership, Management, Criminal Justice, Investigations, and IT Operations Management. The university is also home to the Center for Cybersecurity Education, which makes it a great choice for veterans looking to jumpstart a career in that field. U.S. News ranked Bellevue the #6 Best Online College for Veterans. Military Times and the Guide to Online Schools thought the cheap online military degrees deserved more, and placed it at #3 and #1 respectively.
Net Price: $9,370/yr.
Total Score: 171.6

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