Military Muscle T-Booster Review

Military Muscle T-Booster Review

Being a military site, we thought you guys may wish to hear about one of the latest fitness supplements we have been using.

It's called Military Muscle and is aimed at military personnel and athletes who push their bodies to the limit. The product includes a large number of evidence-based ingredients with evidence-based doses that can help improve your mental and physical performance.

In addition to this, Military Muscle doesn't contain any banned substances outlined by the DoD or the World Anti-Doping Agency. This means it is safe for military personnel to use as part of their training program.

When we checked out their website to buy, we also noticed a lot of testimonials from people outlining the benefits it has, not to mention some great reviews on Trustpilot. Military Muscle is also the nutrition partner to a rugby team!

“But why is this better than anything else on the market?” we hear you cry. Well, it is down to the details, including the man behind the product who is a serving soldier, so expect military precision and we spoke to him to get his reasons behind the product. This is what he had to say:

“I've been hitting the gym and involved in sports since I was young, as I was training harder, I was feeling the effects of fatigue more and more, I decided to see what was available on the market and tried a few products, I also did some in depth research which unearthed some surprising results. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed with what was available and set aside to trial and test our own formula by bringing together a research and development team. Five years later it came to the market, and thankfully so, as I was five years older and needed all the help I could get!”

With a lot of testosterone boosters on the market, we're excited to share with you our thoughts.

Key Benefits

Military Muscle states that it can offer the following benefits:

  1. Optimize natural testosterone production

  2. Reduce recovery times

  3. Improve mood

  4. Increase libido and erections

  5. Improve performance

These benefits come from the powerful nutrient blend, that is supported by scientific evidence for each individual ingredient.

What's interesting to see is how much work the team at Military Muscle have gone to so you can be confident in your purchase.

They're completely transparent about what's in the supplement and how much. They have gone to the extra lengths of ensuring all of the ingredients and even the capsule is suitable for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

How many other supplements do you know that have an open and transparent Trustpilot review page? Well, Military Muscle does and for every bit of feedback they have gained, there's always a response to address any concerns or issues.

How does it work?

The key to greater recovery, increased muscle mass and overall health is testosterone, there's no wonder it is often touted as the elixir of life.

The way in which Military Muscle works is by filling the nutritional deficiencies most of us suffer from.

It is no secret that many of us don't get enough exposure to sunlight for vitamin D or leafy greens for our zinc or iron, and these deficiencies have a negative effect on the testosterone our body produces.

Military Muscle goes further than this though, they've included additional extracts and compounds that are clinically proven to offer multiple health benefits. This is a 360 degree performance booster developed for the most grueling of physical demands.

What's Included?

You get 180 capsules, and you take 6 every day.

We're instructed to spread the dose out though, so you don't need to take them all at once. This way your body has a constant supply throughout the day rather than a big hit and excreting what isn't required.

There's 11 ingredients in the supplement, and importantly a dose of 3850mg per daily serving.

It's important to realize that the dose can be as important as the ingredient itself.

This is where many other supplements fail. There's no point including certain ingredients if the dose is inadequate.

Let's go through those ingredients to establish what's key about this supplement.


  1. D-Aspartic Acid

    This amino acid has proven benefits for fertility and testosterone production, it's very useful to provide a testosterone boost when you return to training.

  2. Ashwagandha

    The reason there's so much ashwagandha included in Military Muscle is because they've included the exact amount that is required daily to provide any sustained benefit. That's 600mg daily – some supplements don't provide that amount with multiple ingredients.

    How does this 600mg help?

    It increases testosterone and strength according to this study. Another study confirmed that 600mg daily also reduces stress and cortisol levels.

    Want more? Ashwagandha is also proven to improve immunity and our defence to illness and infection.

  3. Fenugreek

    This extract is sometimes found in food. Yet, probably not in the same amounts Military Muscle provides. Yet 500mg of fenugreek daily helps to reduce body fat and improve testosterone when used for a 2 month period.

    Furthermore, it enhances sexual performance, you can read more in this study.

  4. Urtica Dioica

    This plant extract is chock full of other vitamins which means you get even more benefit.

    It comes as no surprise to learn that the World Health Organization recognise this plant as having medicinal uses to support the immune function.

    It's also a powerful anti-inflammatory and can be beneficial for testosterone secretion.

  5. Mucuna Pruriens

    Another great natural extract for fertility, and increasing testosterone production. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Which you can read about, here.

  6. Zinc

    There seems to be a zinc deficiency among people across the globe with nearly 20% not getting enough in their diet.

    Unfortunately, a deficiency can lead to low testosterone, thankfully, studies have shown that supplementation can actually recover that low T.

  7. Iron

    Iron deficiency is more common than you may think with many athletes suffering from low iron levels which can negatively impact performance.

    Older men who are suffering from low testosterone are also associated with an iron deficiency, so, in response to these findings Military Muscle includes 12mg daily.

  8. Boron

    Research has demonstrated that a deprivation of boron is highly likely to reduce physical performance.

    It's also great at increasing testosterone, so a win-win!

  9. Vitamin A

    More than ever it is important to protect our immune function and making sure it's effective as possible at warding off attack from infection or illness, and thankfully that's exactly what vitamin A does.

    However, more remarkably is that when combined with iron it has proven itself to be as beneficial as hormonal therapy when used for 6 months, and thus boosting testosterone production.

  10. Vitamin D

    The sunshine provides us with vitamin D, even so a majority of the global population do not get enough of it as outlined by The American Journal of Nutrition.

    This can have a massive negative effect on your health including high blood pressure, cancers and infection diseases, not to mention weak bones.

    Apart from those benefits, it also has a positive impact on testosterone levels.

  11. Vitamin K2

    Low levels of vitamin D3 and K2 are associated with cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality for older adults.

    K2 also has impressive ability to reduce inflammation and having a role in the immune system. This is in addition to showing signs of combating the decline of testosterone.


As we stated earlier on, Military Muscle has been developed for use by soldiers, seamen and airmen. It's also ideal for athletes or anyone looking to make improvements in their training.

Every ingredients has a great safety record, and there aren't any banned substances.

The product is made in the USA and the UK

To stringent manufacturing processes to ensure the best quality.

Customer Testimonials

There's a load of customer reviews both available from their website and on Trustpilot.

People don't put their name and face to a product unless they're happy with the results, so it's great to see so many people sharing their love for the product. This should give you the confidence to try it for yourself.


A single bottle costs $69.

However, when you buy more, the price per unit is reduced, so the best deal is their 6-month package which gives you their best price and includes a tee shirt with nutrition and workout plans.

This package reduces the bottle to $48!

There's also an option to buy in interest free instalments, so it's even more affordable!

Shipping is fast and free.

Final Thoughts

This is a great option if you want to build strength and muscle, but even better to help enhance your overall health and well-being.

It may not be the cheapest option out there, but it does offer great value considering the size of the daily dose and the number of clinically proven ingredients.

The team behind it has noticed the little details often overlooked with other products such as including iron and boron, but also ensuring it is suitable for vegan diets.

For us, we think this is the best on the market, you can buy it here direct from the company.

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