Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University (GCU

Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a private, for-profit Christian university located in Phoenix, Arizona.

It was founded in 1949 as a non-profit institution by the Arizona Southern Baptist in its original location in Prescott, Arizona.

It achieved university status in 1989. It became the first for-profit Christian college in the US when it was sold to Significant Education, LLC in 2004 due to financial and operational difficulties.

Accreditation is provided by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association

Specific business programs offered at Grand Canyon University by the Ken Blanchard School of Business are accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.

The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and the Arizona State Board of Nursing accredits the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program as offered by the College of Nursing.

The Certification of Elementary and Secondary Teacher offered by the College of Education is approved by the Arizona State Department of Education.

The College of Arts and Sciences provides Core Education while the College of Fine Arts and Production is considered the artistic hub of the university.

The College of Doctoral Studies offers three doctoral degree programs including the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership, Doctor of Business Administration, and Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology.

Online Graduate degrees

Consist of Teaching In two emphasis namely Professional Learning Communities, and Teacher Leadership; MEd Curriculum and Instruction with Emphasis on Reading/Elementary Education, Reading/Secondary Education, and Technology; MEd in Early Childhood Education, MEd in Educational Administration; MEd in Educational Leadership; MEd in Elementary Education; MEd in Elementary Education: Arizona Teaching Intern Certificate Program; MEd in Secondary Education; MEd in Secondary Education: Arizona Teaching Intern Certification Program; MEd in Special Education for Certified Special Educators; MEd in Special Education: Cross Categorical; MEd in Special Education: Cross Categorical: Arizona Teaching Intern Certification Program, and the MEd in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Education are offered in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, and Secondary Education. The College of Arts and Sciences offers Online Graduate degrees in Public Health, Addiction Counseling, Criminal Justice, Professional Counseling and Psychology as well as Online Bachelor’s degree in Communication, English Literature, History, Counseling, Health Sciences, Justice Studies, Psychology, and Sociology. The College of Nursing, the Ken Blanchard College of Business, and the College of Christian Studies also offer their respective online programs.

All programs offered by the College of Fine Arts and Production are provided on-campus.

Traditional undergraduate students

Attending Grand Canyon University pay $687.50 per credit or $8,250.00 per 12 to 18 credits.

Military students only pay $250.00 per credit hour for undergraduate programs or $385.00 per credit hour for graduate programs. Doctoral programs are not included in the military tuition rate.

Aside from the usual financial aid options available to traditional students such as federal loans and grants, military students can also avail of educational benefits offered to active-duty servicemen and women as well as veterans such as the Montgomery G.I. Bill. Typical requirements include military transcripts, Discharge of Duties, Letter from Commanding Officer, VA Letter Certifying Military Service, Benefit Documentation, and copy of Military Orders.

Students in active military duty can withdraw without financial penalty when deployed

Tuition credit is given for those who have completed the minimum hours required; otherwise, a full refund is made.

There are about 10,000 students enrolled at Grand Canyon University of which approximately 3,000 attend the main campus.

The student population is comprised of 72.5% female and 27.5% male. Grand Canyon University is a member of NCAA Division II and is represented by its teams are known as the Antelopes.


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