Are There Scholarships for Military Personnel?

Are There Scholarships for Military Personnel?

While there are ways to pay for college without a scholarship, as reported by CNN, scholarships for armed forces personnel can be a great option.

The cost of a 4-year college education can exceed the budget of most people who don’t have a parent paying for tuition and loans can be a huge burden for those who are trying to leave the military with a career.

Here we discuss some of the scholarship options available to military personnel.

Imagine America’s Military Award Program

Whether active duty, reservist, discharged or retired armed forces, the Imagine America’s Military Award program will give $1,000 to qualified applicants who enroll in advanced education.

The college must be an accredited program in a U.S. facility. The applicants must show the potential for successfully completing the program when they ask for the award. The person has to show financial need for the award, too.

Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship

The chief purpose of the Army Women’s Foundation Legacy award has been to honor the service of women in the Army.

The foundation gives grants to women who have served in the Army, reserve or National Guard. They must have a grade point average over 3.0 and have proof of their armed forces service. The foundation awards the women with up to $2,500 for their attendance at accredited schools.

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Education Grants

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society offers a grant up to $3,000 for applicants who want to purse a counseling degree.

The potential student has to be a service member or a retired veteran who wants to attend college to receive a degree in a field related to counseling.

They must plan to provide services for armed forces personnel in the future after graduation. The program that the student attends should be accredited with the CACREP, or Council on Accreditation for Counseling Related Educational Programs.

When applying, the potential student has to state their intention of providing counseling for service personnel and demonstrate financial need for the award.

Pat Tillman Scholarships

Pat Tillman was an NFL athlete who played with the Arizona Cardinals. After the attacks of 9/11, he put his football career on hold to serve his country in the armed forces.

He ultimately gave his life for freedom, and each year, scholarships are awarded in his name. These grants are given to all active service personnel of any branch.

The student can be pursuing a graduate, undergraduate or post-graduate education. The student seeking an award has to provide documentation with the application like their service records as well as maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or beyond.

Troops to Teachers Program

This program was given life with money from the U.S. Department of Defense. Troops to Teachers wants to provide children with experienced, mature role models in the classroom.

The award is for active duty and former members of all branches of the armed forces. The applicant for this award has to submit an application detailing their career interests, armed forces background and education background for consideration.

There are plenty of awards and grants for armed forces personnel. Whether active duty or in the reserves, there are scholarships that will help advance a student’s education while serving their country in the armed services.

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