Can You Get a Job at a Military Academy as Former Military?

Can You Get a Job at a Military Academy as Former Military?

It is possible to get a job at a military academy as former military personnel.

It makes sense for those who have been in uniform to help teach those who will command others who will be in uniform, and their doing so helps them to continue to serve the country to which they have sworn.

While hiring decisions are ultimately made by the academies themselves, getting into a position to be hired by one of them is not a difficult process.

Five Service Academies

The United States supports five distinct service academies:

In each case, the youth of the United States who attend the academies are trained to the service of the nation.

Those who have been in that service are optimally placed to teach such lessons, which is why one can get a job at a military academy as former military.

Getting the Job

As the service academies are components of federal agencies, their hiring is done through the centralized federal jobs service website, USA Jobs.

Logging onto the site is simply done, offering job search menus immediately upon entry; all that need be done to find jobs at the academies is to enter a search for one of them, and all currently available jobs at the selected academy are listed. From there, it is a matter of choosing jobs to apply for and following the application directions given on the website.

It is worth noting that, as federal jobs, employment at the military academies favors those who have served their country honorably and well. Each allows applicants to claim veterans’ preference, meaning that they can provide evidence of their honorable discharge from military duty to promote themselves above non-veterans in selection for further employment review.

This does not mean the job is guaranteed, of course, and it should not; the person best qualified for the job should get it.

That said, familiarity with service coming from having served is a strong qualification for employment, and those who are veterans are more likely to find jobs at military academies, or in any other federal positions, than those who are not.

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Other avenues for veterans to find work are available; a number of private companies favor former military personnel for employment no less than public sector jobs do.

But it is certainly possible to get a job at a military academy as former military personnel, and indeed easier than for those who have not been in uniformed service to the United States.

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