What is the Best Civilian Job for a Military Environmental Health and Safety Specialist?

What is the Best Civilian Job for a Military Environmental Health and Safety Specialist?

One of the most forward-thinking and promising specialties within the military comes in the form of the environmental health and safety specialist.

This position is dedicated not only to ensuring the military remains eco-friendly during its operations, but also to ensuring the safety of civilians and military members during routine operations and much more.

Because this is a field that is actually growing by leaps and bounds on the civilian side of things, it’s pretty easy for those who work in this capacity to find rewarding employment once their time with the military has come to an end.

In particular, a few positions stand out as the fastest growing and most rewarding for today’s veterans.

Public Health Inspector

The skills learned in the military can help veterans receive the necessary certification to become a public health inspector, employed by federal, state, or local agencies.

In this capacity, a veteran could find themselves ensuring the cleanliness and safety of restaurants, the safety of drinking water, or the integrity of water treatment plants and recycling centers.

Though most professionals in this field require a four-year degree and on-site training, military veterans will typically require only a certification in order to get started with inspections and translate their skills effectively to a civilian capacity.

Safety Inspector

On the safety side of things, becoming a safety inspector might be particularly rewarding for those veterans with an eye for detail and an urge to work for the private sector.

Though public agency work awaits in this field, it’s far more common for veterans to find safety inspection work with manufacturing facilities that require strict enforcement of employee safety requirements.

In cases not involving employee safety, veterans will find themselves inspecting finished consumer products for safety flaws that might lead to serious injury if the product is placed under a great deal of stress.

In this capacity, veterans can function as both a safety inspector and a key part of the quality control team employed by the facility.

Environmental Analyst

With extensive experience ensuring the health and safety of military installations and products, veterans with an environmental background are perfectly suited for positions as an environmental analyst.

They’ll use their extensive knowledge of pollutants and environmental hazards to determine whether new construction or other initiatives pose a threat to drinking water, natural habitats, and wildlife local to the affected area.

Construction Project Managers

Working for the military is inherently a great way to get prepared for a job in management, and those with a background in environmental health and safety are perfectly qualified to seek positions managing construction projects for either public or private agencies.

With a solid understanding of how certain materials or procedures affect the environment, former military specialists will have veto power when it comes to affecting the local habitat, impacting drinking water, or contributing to issues like damaging runoff and habitat destruction.

Plenty of Great Opportunities in the Industry

The market for environmental health and safety specialists is particularly strong outside the military, with many candidates seeking both a four-year degree and graduate-level education to remain competitive in the job market.

Military specialists have a natural leg up on the competition in this area, with extensive training and a great deal of work experience that makes it easy to hit the ground running and find success in a wide number of common occupations.

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