Do Colleges and Universities Offer Free or Reduced Tuition to Veterans?

Do Colleges and Universities Offer Free or Reduced Tuition to Veterans?

Do colleges and universities offer free or reduced tuition to veterans is a question that is often asked once a military member has completed their service and is getting ready to move on to a civilian life.

The good news is that yes, American colleges and universities offer both free and reduced rates, although the rates can vary by state.

Below is more information about reduced rates for military members as well as resources for those who are interested in learning more.

Public Universities

Military members risk their lives to protect America, and Congress believes that it was time to return the favor with a chance at an affordable education.

Congress got involved on the behalf of the VA and has implemented a law, which is also known as the Yellow Ribbon Program, that grants military members automatic in-state reduced rates in every public university in the country.

This means that regardless of where a veteran has residency, they will receive an in-state discount. This can be a massive savings of up to $10,000 per year just in educational costs alone.

Universities Offer Free Education

Some universities around the country are offering more than that; some are going beyond the call of the VA’s Yellow Ribbon Program, which offers military members and their dependents help with educational costs.

Schools in Colorado are currently offering a free education for military members; they are also providing a housing and book allowance to make the transition to civilian life a little easier on them.

Veteran-Specific Rates for Online Education

Most schools across the country already have online education-specific rates in order to ease the burden of going to school, but now most universities and colleges are paving the way for a more affordable education by providing reduced rates for military members that are lower in cost when compared to in-state tuition rates.

Both public and private schools are doing this, ensuring that whatever a veteran chooses to study, whatever school they choose to attend, their education will be within reach.

A lower rate coupled with a flexible online degree program is a recipe for the educational success of any veteran and their families, making it easier for them to get an education while working or taking care of personal obligations.

How to Find Veteran-Specific Rates

Military members need to have accurate and up-to-date information about rates in order to make a decision regarding their education; for that reason, finding the rates is just as important as getting them applied to a degree.

The first stop for any veteran should be the Yellow Ribbon Program page on the VA website; the site lists all participating schools in the program for the upcoming school year, adding schools as needed.

Another resource would be to search for online rankings that focus on the military friendliness of a school; these are abundant online and will give military members more information about how the school views their financial burden.

Veterans that serve their country do so selflessly, so providing them with support when they decide to pursue higher education is the least the country can do.

Now that the question of do colleges and universities offer free or reduce tuition to veterans has been answered, these military service members can move on to securing their futures as private civilians.

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