Do Universities Offer On-Base Degree Programs?

Do Universities Offer On-Base Degree Programs?

If you want to study for your degree while you are active in the military, it is important to research all of the options to find the best on-base program.

Not all colleges offer the flexibility of programs that are delivered on the base, but the schools that do, have taken the time to structure a format the makes it possible for students to pursue degrees without disrupting all of their duties.

Prospective active-duty military members should learn how these specialized programs are structured and the benefits of earning their degrees on the base before they make any final decisions.

How Are Programs on the Base Structured?

College programs that are delivered on a base are not structured the same way as traditional ones. Instead of attending multiple courses during a long 16 or 24 week semester, students will only attend one course per module.

These modules last only about a month and are scheduled during times when the student is available for the entire month. If there’s plans for the student to be deployed or go underway, they can simply tell their college and everything can be put on hold. It is unique structure for a population that needs great flexibility.

How To Find Colleges that Offer Programs On Base

If you would like to attend class on the evenings or weekends, you need to find options that are offered on your base. The branch of the military that you serve invites several colleges to teach classes on bases throughout the nation.

Some colleges offer vocational and technical certificates and others offer undergraduate and graduate degrees at an accelerated pace.

Before you choose which school or class to attend, you should look for a list of all of the options. Luckily for you, the Navy and other military branches post a list of on-base programs so that you can get credits as an active duty service member.

What are the Benefits of Going to a College On the Base?

It is critical that servicemen and women get an education. By doing this while they are still serving, they do not have to worry about spending several years after discharge trying to gain the professional skills they need to find a civilian job.

Studying on the base is convenient and perhaps the most flexible option for students who really benefit from face-to-face learning.

Many colleges have online programs, but online learning is not for everyone. There are learning types that benefit from being in the classroom environment and others that are more independent.

You will need to really sit back and consider what you prefer before you decide between a base program and an online option. If you do go with an online option, just be sure that you choose one that is as flexible as the specialized programs on military bases.

More and more servicemembers are realizing how important a college education is when they become veterans. If you are one of these military members, you should consider studying for your degree while you are still serving.

Compare all of the programs and choose one that is accredited and structured to make college life easier for you. Once you find an on-base program, you can pursue your degree while you fight to protect the country that you love.

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