Does the Navy Pay for Medical School?

Does the Navy Pay for Medical School?

Getting accepted into medical school is just the first step on the journey to becoming a doctor. Following admittance, one then faces the daunting task of financing one’s medical education.

With the average annual cost of medical school approaching $50,000, medical students typically must finance their education with student loans.

Resorting to loans allows one to pay for medical school, but it also creates a large burden of debt that frequently weighs upon medical school graduates.

One method of avoiding such debt is by asking the US Navy to finance one’s medical school costs.

Does the Navy pay for medical school? Yes! This is a viable option through the Navy’s Health Professions Scholarship Program.


With the Navy’s Health Professions Scholarship Program, students receive 100% tuition at the medical school they are attending.

While your fellow students will be worrying about the size of their loans and impending debt load upon graduation, you will graduate debt free as a commissioned Navy officer.

In addition to the complete tuition coverage, participants receive a sizable monthly stipend to cover living expenses. Yet another benefit of getting the Navy to pay for your medical school is the potential to earn a significant signing bonus.

To examine the complete details and necessary qualifications of getting the Navy to pay for your medical school, click here.


While getting the Navy to pay for your medical school provides immediate financial benefits, there are necessary long-term trade-offs.

For one, as a new medical school graduate, you will have to serve in the Navy for an extended period of time. You may be deployed to provide medical expertise in dangerous combat zones or may face the loneliness of extended sea duty aboard one of the Navy’s numerous ships.

Even if you are not deployed in support of war-time operations or placed aboard a Navy ship, the Navy will determine where you will be stationed.

For these reasons, getting the Navy to finance your medical school costs may not be a good option for those individuals seeking to have a family after medical school.

Beyond physical location, the Navy will dictate the uniform you wear, along with specific grooming and physical standards you must uphold. These restrictions in freedom may not appeal to certain individuals.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

Before accepting financing, one should analytically weigh the costs and benefits of getting the Navy to pay for medical school.

You can consult with Navy recruiters and read the official Navy publications regarding Health Professions Scholarship Program financing, but you will get a more well-rounded view by discussing such an approach with recent medical school graduates who have taken such a route. You can also seek the counsel of professional organizations.

The American Medical Student Association provides valuable advice. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether getting the Navy to finance your medical education is the right decision for your goals and dreams.

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