Is Emergency Management a Good Degree for Former Military?

Is Emergency Management a Good Degree for Former Military?

For those considering a career in emergency management occupations, time in the military often leads to a rewarding career in either the public sector or within major corporations. Many skills are taught in combat training, while others can be learned through online degree programs that specifically serve current and former members of the military.

The vast majority of people in the military see combat scenarios at least once before they rejoin civilians outside of America’s defense organization. While this is often described as just another of the many responsibilities associated with military service, it’s also inherently a way to be qualified for several major occupations after leaving the armed services.

Military Training is Excellent Experience for Emergency Management

The hallmark of a great emergency management specialist is a quick reaction time, the ability to implement a plan of action even under harrowing conditions, and the drive to save as many people as possible from the ravages of a natural disaster, a national security emergency, or even something like a healthcare crisis in the form of a national pandemic. There is perhaps no group of people better suited to manage these tasks than America’s military veterans, especially those who engaged in active combat within their branch of the military.

Most of the public sector jobs in this field consider military combat experience equivalent to at least an associate’s degree in the field, while others consider it on par with a bachelor’s degree.

That puts military veterans ahead of the pack in terms of educational attainment, salaries, and job prospects during the hiring process.

Private Sector Jobs Might Require Additional Time in the Classroom

While jobs within federal, state, and local government agencies will often teat military experience as a sound substitute for college classroom training, many private sector employers do want to see a good combination of military experience and post-military educational pursuits.

For this reason, many veterans choose to go through an online bachelor’s degree program through schools like the American Military University.

With both military experience and an undergraduate degree, candidates will be considered among the leading applicants for virtually any position within an organization.

That includes management and oversight positions, as well as executive leadership within emergency management. Both of these are among the highest-paying careers for those interested in disaster response and mitigation.

Emergency Management Positions Represent the Right Path for Many Veterans

Most people signed up for military service because they had a significant interest in helping to defend and save their fellow Americans, or anyone experiencing suffering anywhere around the world.

After that tour of duty ends, and veterans return to civilian life, the desire to help and defend typically sticks around for good. Emergency management positions, ranging from on-the-ground help to in-office management, allow veterans to do what they do best: Create, coordinate, and execute a response to major disasters, national security threats, and more.

For this reason, careers in emergency management are highly recommended to those veterans who want to use their military training over the long-term.

They represent a fast-paced position with lucrative earning potential, especially within high-ranking federal positions or within private sector corporations.

With a decent amount of military experience and the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in the field, there’s no telling how far a veteran might go when they seek to help others in an entirely new capacity.

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