How Can I Get a Job With the FBI or CIA as Former Military?

How Can I Get a Job With the FBI or CIA as Former Military?

After serving in the military, many former servicemen wish to get a job with the FBI or CIA as former military.

The FBI and CIA are two government agencies that benefit from the professional experience of former military personnel while also providing avenues for former servicemen and women to continue to build a rewarding career.

In fact, both agencies conduct career fairs on military bases to recruit upstanding men and women who wish to built upon the foundation they have received while in military service.

Working with the FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation offers technical, administrative, investigative, and scientific opportunities to men and women who come from a military background. In applying for an FBI position, former military personnel generally follow the same procedure as civilians.

However, for certain positions, military experience is highly regarded among other job qualifications. The ability to transfer military skills depends heavily on the role a job applicant played in the military and his or her desired career path in the FBI.

Individuals who have worked as military police or in another legal or law enforcement capacity may wish to work as a special agent or in a counter-terrorism position.

Applicants who have previously worked in a computing-related position in the military may wish to apply for a technical job with the FBI.

Veterans should also be aware that they may apply for special consideration when pursuing an FBI career.

Working with the CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency is responsible for providing national security intelligence to U.S. policymakers. Comprised of four major divisions, the agency’s employees may work in the Directorate of Intelligence, National Clandestine Service, Directorate of Support, or the Directorate of Science and Technology.

Similar to applying to work for the FBI, former military members should evaluate their skill set, training, and career interests to determine the CIA department and position that would best suit them.

Former servicemen who worked in engineering or more technical positions while those who are knowledgeable about other cultures and speak a foreign language may be suited to work as a clandestine officer.

Current military personnel who are considering a career with the CIA are advised to complete a college degree using their military benefits prior to application to increase their competitiveness when applying for their desired position.

Former members of the military should also note that the CIA does not offer hiring preference for veterans. However, military experience is highly valued among job applicants.

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Serving America Beyond the Military

The FBI and CIA offer former servicemen and women an opportunity to further their careers while continuing to serve their country after they have left their military role. In general, applicants will need to have been honorably discharged prior to applying with either government agency.

Prospective FBI and CIA job candidates may find out more information about available positions and submit an application via each agency’s website.

Those who are able to get a job with the FBI or CIA as former military are able to put their military skills to use in a manner that helps the United States continue to be a safe and vigilant member of the international community.

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