How Can I Help Establish a Veterans Center on my College Campus?

How Can I Help Establish a Veterans Center on my College Campus?

For students attending a college without a veterans center, the question “How can I help establish a veterans center on my college campus?” may be likely to arise. For the concerned and proactive student, getting involved is a noble given. If you are attending college at a campus that does not have a veterans center, you can help the push to start one. Here are some great ways to do it.

Contact Other Veteran Centers

One great way to get the ball rolling is to first contact other existing veteran centers on college campuses. You can also reach out to that college’s administration in an effort to gain more information.

At some point in the past, that school and its veterans center came into partnership, and you need to learn the essentials of what it takes to form such a partnership.

Ask some of the following questions:

  1. How did the veterans center come to be?
  2. Were there grants involved? If so, who provided them?
  3. Is it technically on campus grounds?
  4. What resources are required to maintain regular function?
  5. Would you be willing to recommend or help lobby the cause of my campus creating a veterans center?

Getting the specifics of how others started and now, subsequently maintain current operations can be key in getting a veterans center started at your campus.

If you are planning to play a part in such a role, you will need this information. If someone else is heading up this effort, they will need it as well. In addition, by talking with other veterans centers and colleges one may encounter usable support and hidden resources on the matter.

Lobby the Cause

One great advantage to campus life is that there is no shortage of open ears when it comes to a cause being championed. Take advantage of this benefit.

Begin by talking with administration and making the effort known. From there, talk to other students about the cause.

Veterans and the patriotic are especially apt to be interested and supportive.

Another great idea is to place literature wherever possible on the matter. This can be done as public announcements on telephone poles or even friendly additions to the campus bulletin board or Facebook.

Organize an Event

Organizing an event is a great way to spread awareness and gain support for any number of social issues.

According to the experts at KnowHowNonProfit, the ideal event broadcasts a single, clear objective or idea.

A charity race, auction, band competition, or otherwise attention-getting event will draw an audience ready to hear your simple and singular objective.

Other ideas include karaoke contests, holiday-themed functions, and raffles.

Advocate in the Classroom

Finally, it never hurts to introduce your objectives on this matter to the classroom. In some of those many opportunities to be expressive in the classroom, advertise your desire to help establish a veterans center on campus.

Include it in essays, classroom discussion, and other activities that open the door to expression. Your professors and classmates alike will then too be aware and quite possibly supportive.

In addition, classroom involvement gives way to more critical thinking on the subject, often leading to a richer depth of knowledge and previously-hidden resources on the subject.

In conclusion, it truly goes without saying that this is a good and worthy cause. Having a veterans center added to your campus would be a monumentally positive life-changer for many students there. Even better – having been a part of it all.

The above listed items provide a great starting point for those wanting to help establish a veterans center on college campus.

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