How Do You Become a Secret Service Agent As Former Military?

How Do You Become a Secret Service Agent As Former Military?

It is easier to become a secret service agent as former military than it is as a civilian. If you have left the military and would like to pursue a position with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, you must go through the standard application process for consideration.

While you do have to fill out an application and submit all of the typical paperwork, you are not guaranteed an opening with military experience as it does not replace degree or age requirements. Read on, and learn how you can use former military experience to your advantage.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Special Agent?

The FBI is looking for honorable and honest professionals who will uphold the values of the bureau. Since all agents must have a very rigid moral compass, to be considered for an opening you must have a clean criminal record and a commitment to protect.

Every candidate must meet the qualifications and are not given any leeway while applying regardless of their background as a serviceman.

According to FBI Agent, the strict entry requirements for all FBI special agents include are as follows:

  • All applicants must be between 23 and 37 at the time of appointment
  • All candidates must be US citizens
  • Everyone must possess a valid driver license
  • Each applicant needs at least three years of professional work experience
  • Applicants must have a four-year degree from an accredited school

How Does Military Experience Help Applicants?

You will need a critical set of skills before you will be able to enter into a special agent training program.

If you qualify for an entry program, you can become a priority by having a military expertise or law enforcement expertise.

While there are other types of critical skills that will help you get your foot in the door, these are two that are very popular to recruiters.

When your resume shows military experience, you will be pushed to the top of the list with all other servicemen who have similar experience.

While the experience does qualify as professional experience, it does not qualify as formal education. You will still need to complete a four-year degree program in an area of studies that is approved.

Do You Need to Be Physically Fit to Be a Special Agent?

You must pass two phases of testing and then you will be issued a conditional letter of appointment. This appointment is conditional based on how you perform on your fitness test.

You need to meet all FBI physical requirements to be a special agent, according to the FBI.

To show that you meet these requirements, you must complete a 300-meter sprint, complete a 1.5 mile run and do a minimum amount of push-ups & sit-ups. You must also pass a vision and hearing test. With your military background, you will be more familiar with the physical testing process and better able to pass.

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There is a common assumption that being former military makes you a shoe-in for special agent openings.

While it is easier to land a position when you are qualified, you still need to prove that you are a good fit for such a demanding role in federal investigations.

Make sure you stay in shape, study for a degree, and demonstrate your expertise so that you can become a secret service agent as former military.

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