How Do You Become a Teacher at a Military College?

How Do You Become a Teacher at a Military College?

When it comes to obtaining teaching positions, you should look to become a teacher at a military college.

Believe it or not, the United States Department of Defense routinely recruits and hires teachers, college instructors and professors to work on air force, naval, and military bases all throughout the United States and indeed the world.

The United States Department of Defense runs a subdepartment known as the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA).

They hire, train and place hundreds of teachers who work at over 190 military schools and colleges found throughout the United States and the world. This education agency wing of the Department of Defense instructs nearly 90,000 students each year and has job openings in places like the Netherlands, Panama, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Here is a comprehensive overview of how to become a teacher at a military college.

Education Requirements To Teach at a Military College

One of the first things you definitely need to consider when looking for a position at a military college is your educational background and credentials.

For starters, most entry-level, junior, associate and adjunct professors and instructors are going to need at least a master’s degree or hire. On top of that, the Department of Defense may require certain teaching certifications or licensing depending on state requirements along with other intra-agency requirements.

It doe not matter what you study so long as it is a subject area that is currently in need by the Department of Defense Education Activity.

Previous Experience

While there may be some instances in which prior experience may not be needed, generally speaking, the Department of Defense will prefer more experienced candidates over those who virtually have no prior college teaching experience.

If you find yourself not having at least two to five years of prior teaching experience, start off by teaching for a junior college, community college or a local four year university.

This will arm you with a valuable skills set that will prepare you to transition into a college professorship through the Department of Defense.

Job Outlook

The Department of Defense, although has suffered some cuts because of the Federal Sequestration, is actually steadily hiring college professors, instructors and other teaching support personnel for soldiers and their families.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, college professors made around $55,000 in 2012.

Salaries will tend to be a bit higher for DoD instructors since this would be a considered a federal-level job and typically federal government positions pay a lot higher compared to state and local higher education agencies.

Salary for college professors will obviously depend on experience, level of education, geographic location and prior work experience within the government.

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Do not wait to take advantage of an awesome teaching opportunity within the Department of Defense by working for a military college.

The benefits, salary and perks associated with this position is awesome and mainly do not complain about education jobs within the military. Do your due diligence and become a teacher at a military college.

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