How Do You Get a Military History Degree?

How Do You Get a Military History Degree?

If you have an interest in military history, you might look at how you can get a military history degree.

Traditional history programs ask you to take courses on a wide range of historical topics, including ancient history, the history of specific countries and even the history of certain groups.

A military history degree focuses more on how various countries launched their own military forces and what happened during different battles. Your studies start when you decide where to take your classes.

Choose the Right School

Before you can get a military history degree, you need to decide whether you want to take classes online or in a traditional classroom.

According to Marissa Barnett of The Dallas News, colleges that offer online classes can charge as much as 20 percent more for tuition than those schools would charge for traditional face to face classes.

Though many think that online classes are cheaper, this isn’t always true. When you research military history classes though, you might find that not many traditional schools offer this as a major.

You may need to choose a general history major with a concentration in military history.

Pick a Minor

Even if you major in military history, you still need to pick a minor that applies both to your studies and your future. If you like the idea of educating others, choose an education minor.

This minor will give you more classroom experience and help prepare you for working with students later. Another suitable minor is communications.

Communications classes help you more effectively speak and present yourself. Some schools also offer programs in archiving and curating special collections.

You’ll learn the importance of acquiring good artifacts for a museum and protecting those artifacts.

Research the Subject on Your Own

The top military historians in the world used the skills they learned in college to research topics in the field. You’ll develop strong research skills that can help you look at a subject from multiple angles and find information that others don’t know.

This can help you write papers for publication in major military history journals and create books that you can use to show your expertise.

During your college years, take the time to read as much as you can from other historians and look at their sources to find out more about a topic you like.

Types of Courses in Military History Programs

When you decide to get a military history degree, you want to give some thought to the type of courses you might take.

Most programs offer a general introduction to military history class before requiring that you take courses designed to show you why different military groups exist, what those forces did over the years and the effects that those battles had on the world.

You can also look forward to taking some general education courses that make you a more well-rounded student, including classes in the humanities, science and math.

Some schools also offer seminars that focus on one specific topic in military history for an entire semester.

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College gives you the chance to focus on a subject that interests you and applies to your future career.

Those who study military history often work for museums and libraries, but they may also work as writers and for the government or military.

To get a military history degree, start by choosing between a traditional college or online classes.

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