How does the American Council on Education Help Military Students and Veterans?

How does the American Council on Education Help Military Students and Veterans?

The American Council on Education, also known by the acronym ACE, is an organization devoted to helping college students, providing resources for educators and working with colleges and other types of schools.

As a retired military person, you may know ACE for the hard work it does on behalf of military personnel. ACE helps those students get transcripts from military branches, provides evaluations, shows students how they can get credit for their work and works with colleges and training programs.

Getting Transcripts

One of the biggest ways in which ACE can help you after you leave the military behind is with your military transcript.

Also known as a Joint Services Transcript or JST, this is a simple piece of paper that looks similar to the transcript you would get from a high school or college.

It shows all the training programs that you completed in the military and any classes you took. Your JST may also show some of the rankings or achievements you received in those classes and when you completed each program or class.

You may take classes on leading others, go through field training or take marksmanship classes.

Using Transcripts for College Credit

ACE was one of the first organizations that believed military men and women should get credit for military experience. It now helps former soldiers find out how they can use their transcripts to gain the credit that they deserve.

ACE can help you go over your transcript to see which classes you took apply to college programs and how you can submit that transcript when you fill out a college application.

Each individual college has the right to decide how much credit you get and which credits will transfer.

Providing Evaluations

According to the American Council on Education, there are five ways in which you can transfer the credits found on your transcript.

You can use those credits to replace a required class, as an elective, to remove the need for taking a prerequisite course, as a replacement for a course within your chosen major or as a requirement for one of your other classes.

ACE can provide students with evaluations that help them decide how to use those credits. You’ll usually need to look at the course catalog from your college, read the description of each course and decide how the credits you have fit within that program and those courses.

Working with Colleges and Training Programs

Your JST may show a list of recommendations at the very bottom that shows colleges how they can use those credits. Colleges have the final say over each credit though.

ACE works with colleges and training programs to help them understand the importance of the classes you took and why you should get some type of credit for each one.

Those recommendations also show whether the classes you took were similar to those available at the vocational, undergrad or graduate level. If you have any questions about your transcript or transferring credits, ACE can help.

Each branch of the American military has different requirements in place that determine the training you go through and how you move up within the ranks.

All the training you do and classes you take appear on your JST. With help from the American Council on Education, you can now use that transcript to get course credit in college.

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