Is Cybersecurity a Good Career for Former Military?

Is Cybersecurity a Good Career for Former Military?

CSO Online predicts that national spending on cybersecurity is likely to exceed more than $1 trillion within just the next four years.

Needless to say, people with the right personal and professional qualities for cybersecurity management will be in growing demand.

Though a career in the military may not necessarily be explicitly related to defending digital networks, those who do have military experience may find that their time serving could make them particularly well-suited for occupation in these cybersecurity field.

The following are some of the most significant potential ways that the skills and qualities of a veteran can be transitioned into a fulfilling and productive cyber security career once their military tenure has ended.

Organizational skills

Perhaps one of the most immediately observable and important skills demanded in both the military and cyber security fields is the ability to stay consistently organized.

Even with the wealth of technological solutions that many firms have in place to keep their data organized, there is still a very real need for a pair of sharp human eyes to keep things organized.

In the realm of cyber security, even a minor oversight can potentially lead to disastrous implications for the entire team; for this reason, it is very practical for a cyber security professional to be capable of staying on top of all the fine details and quickly accessing the right resources while under pressure.

Those with former military experience will most likely be well-accustomed to the need to keep things in proper order while remaining prepared to execute complex operations at any time.

In the role of a cyber security professional, a person with former military experience can be counted on to remain levelheaded and cognizant of all of the fine details without becoming overwhelmed as easily as others might without the same amount of experience working under pressure.

Respect for the upkeep of established protocols

Just as it is important for military personnel to respect and unconditionally adhere to protocols of all military operations, cyber security is also a field where established protocols are essential to maintain system integrity.

A person with former military experience will have a well-trained appreciation for the value of ensuring that strict protocols are honored at all times for the benefit of the entire team.

By ensuring that protocol for security system management and defense are always honored, the margin of error for all potential security emergencies can be minimized.

Punctuality and prompt action-taking

Life in the military demands consistent punctuality and efficient time management. In this field, the need for efficiency when meeting time-sensitive tasks and taking prompt action at a moments notice are extremely important.

In this field, problems can be unpredictable and abrupt, and a person with former military experience can often be counted on to keep a level head while taking prompt action to address the matter in a timely fashion.

Even without an expansive amount of training in the more complex aspects of computer system management, it is very possible for a veteran to gain the skills and knowledge needed to successfully occupy the role.

For their organizational prowess, efficiency at sticking to protocol, excellent time management and ability to remain levelheaded while performing high-urgency tasks, many employers have found that those coming into the cyber security field with former military experience are especially well-suited for the role.

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