Is Education A Good Degree For Former Military?

Is Education A Good Degree For Former Military?

Is education a good degree for former military? Whether you spent one term in the military, or you retired after 10 years or more, you want to know what type of careers are best suited for you.

As a member of the military, you develop several skills that will translate well into the education world.

Those skills can help you with everything from running your classroom like a well-oiled machine to working directly with your students.

Presentation Skills

Though some people think that military men and women don’t possess strong presentation skills, you need those skills every day in the military.

You need to know how to present yourself to insurgents to keep them from attacking, and you need to know how to keep your bed and space organized and ready for others.

You never know when your drill sergeant might give you KP duty for leaving your bed messy.

Those same skills will help you grab the attention of the students in your classroom and keep them entertained throughout a new lesson.


In the military, you must work well with others and know how to both lead and follow. Teamwork is the one thing that keeps you together and keeps you safe in combat.

While school isn’t a battlefield, you still need to know how to work well with others.

You need to have a good working relationship with the principal of your school, but you must also work well with the other teachers in your school, and you even need to know how to work with your students too.

Taking Risks

The military teaches you how to be responsible and act in mature ways, but you also learn that you sometimes need to take a few risks.

Those risks can help you escape a bad situation and take chances that get your troop home safely. Taking risks can also help you in the classroom.

When you receive new textbooks, you need to take a chance on those books and believe that the pages contain the information that your students need.

You also need to take a number of risks when it comes to introducing new teaching methods and getting your students interested in your materials.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, patience is one of the greatest skills that teachers today need.

While enlisted in the military, you never know how long you’ll be on one base before you get your paperwork, and you often spend long hours on patrol and guard duty.

As a teacher, you will work closely with a variety of students from different backgrounds, and those students often have different learning levels too. Patience will help you work with each of those students and ensure that they all learn the material.

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The skills that you learn in the military can help you quite a bit when you become a teacher.

You’ll learn how to work with students, grab their attention, work with other educators and take risks. Education is a great area for those are former military.

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