Is Informational Technology a Good Degree for Former Military?

Is Informational Technology a Good Degree for Former Military?

When people leave the military, they are often looking forward to a new, quiet lifestyle.

A degree in Information Technology can help you get a tranquil job that will provide for you and your family.

This stable career path gives you the flexibility you need to find a position in a company that is a truly good fit.

Desk Job or Field Work

Most information technology professionals do a combination of desk and field work. This variety helps to keep their job interesting.

When you are in the military, your body is trained to be in prime condition. You are used to having a lot of activity in your life. When you leave and attempt to sit at a desk all day long, it is hard to stay attentive.

While many IT professionals have traditional desk jobs, they still have to travel quite a bit. Whether they are keeping the network in one building stable or providing at-home services for multiple clients, they are still on the go quite a bit. This helps to keep things fresh and interesting while you are at work.

Different Expertise

Like all technology fields, you will have the option to specialize in a topic you really enjoy. Many schools offer minors in networking, website development, programming, or database management.

If you know what specific job you want to obtain, having the minor or concentration can come in handy. A general Information Technology degree, however, may still get you in the door with most companies hiring for these positions.

Stable Job Market

One of the biggest benefits of a degree in the IT field is the demand. Technology is continuing to grow at an alarming rate, and this means that more and more people are needed to maintain it.

Even as the technology becomes more efficient, people are still needed to help businesses select and repair their equipment.

Technology is constantly changing, but an IT professional is already prepared to handle them. New equipment, for example, will behave in a logical fashion and will require many of the key components you have already learned about in class.

Because you have a pre-existing knowledge of technology and how it functions, your job becomes critical any time a company wants an upgrade.

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Competitive Pay

Another important aspect of any career you choose is the pay. You need to have a job that is going to pay you well in the future so that you can have as little stress as possible while you are a civilian.

IT professionals can earn between $48,900 and $102,190 depending on their chosen field of study, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A degree in Information Technology can open the door to some high paying jobs, especially if you are willing to work your way up.

In terms of entry level pay, information technology fields tend to pay a little higher than others. This is because you have a very special set of skills that the company needs. In many cases, the IT professional the company hires is considered indisposable, and will work with them until retirement. This means that the company has an invested interest in you and will compensate you well.

A degree in Information Technology could help you get the quiet job you deserve. This ever-changing environment offers flexibility, stability, and a competitive pay rate.

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