Is Political Science A Good Degree For Former Military?

Is Political Science A Good Degree For Former Military?

If you are a former military member looking for a new career path, you might wonder if Political Science a good degree for you.

After spending several years at foreign bases and working here in the United States, former military have witnessed firsthand how different political decisions impacted the military at large.

Those decisions led to the closing of bases all around the world and kept those with more experience from moving up through the ranks.

Former military can transition their interest in politics into a career as a Political Scientist.

You Have Strong Decision Making Skills

Regardless of how much time you spent in the military, you developed some strong decision making skills.

Whether it was the time that you kept your group safe during an unexpected bombing, or how you fed a large platoon on limited supplies, you know how to make a decision that will help multiple people at once.

As a Political Scientist, you’ll need to know how to make split-second decisions when researching and writing about new concepts and ideas.

You Can Easily Analyze Different Situations

The time that you spend guarding the base and working in the field taught you how to look analyze potential threats and make decisions quickly.

It doesn’t take long before you learn how to differentiate between a wild animal just outside the base and someone trying to sneak into the base.

Political scientists must understand how to take all the information that they receive from a source and the research they do on their own and analyze the data in a concise way.

You Have an Interest in the World Around You

During the long days that you spent on the base and working with the military, you had a lot of down time.

You would learn more about the area around you, including the language used by the locals and the culture of the area.

Political Scientists must also have an interest in the world around them.

They look at how politicians would change the world and the impact that national decisions have on the entire country.

You Can Think Objectively

The median wage of Political Scientists, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is more than $100,000 a year, and the reason they make so much, is because they remain objective and neutral.

They know that injecting their own biases into their work can influence a large group of people, which is why they write articles and press releases that have a neutral slant.

As a former member of the military, you know that you need to remain objective and avoid speaking out against the government and your supervisors.

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Political scientists look at issues ranging from political systems to politicians. They analyze data and create reports used by various governments, different organizations and the general public.

If this interests you, Political Science might be a great career path after spending time in the military.

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