What are the Benefits of an ROTC Program?

What are the Benefits of an ROTC Program?

In all of its branches, the U.S. Military has long provided opportunities for those seeking career advancement, credentials, education, valuable experience, and more.

This world of opportunity has not just been provided through simple enlistment, but also through affiliate programs and community outreach.

One such, very beneficial program is known as the ROTC, or Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.

What is the ROTC?

The Reserve Officers’ Training Core is an active and very important facet of all three major military branches. Specifically, it is a training program and recruiting tool for the services.

As a college-based operation, the ROTC provides scholarship opportunities to students that join. In return, the student is put through basic military training while in college and is then obligated to military enlistment and a period of service upon college graduation.

Here are some additional facts:

  • The U.S. Military’s three branches of ROTC programs are offered in more than 1,100 colleges nationwide.
  • Students must choose their major wisely, as changing it after selection is prohibited in most cases by the ROTC.
  • The U.S. Coast Guard offers a similar program to the ROTC – the CSPI, or College Student Pre-Comissioning Initiative.
  • Terms of military service required of ROTC students range from four to eight years depending on many factors.
  • The ROTC was originally formed in 1916 as a way to streamline entrance into the military of young men.

Main Benefits to ROTC Membership

Knowing some of the basics of how the ROTC programs work helps us to see some of their particular benefits to attendees.

From financial incentives, to the inception of life-long careers, the benefits of ROTC membership are many.

Here are just a few of the very biggest benefits:

  1. College Paid
    The costs of college tuition today are extraordinarily high and climbing. The core promise at the heart of all ROTC benefits is that of free college tuition. Certainly, the candidate must do their part to earn satisfactory grades and attend regular basic training sessions, but in return, their college will be paid for. This tuition coverage will see the student through the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree at the very least, costs covered.
  2. Personal Training, Skills
    On a more personal level, ROTC attendees reap enormous benefits in the areas of personal skills and betterment. As training time is required outside of typical college classes, there is plenty of growth to be experienced. Skills in management, problem solving, military organization, and personal well-being are instilled in those participating. Additionally, physical training will also take place, providing a whole other spectrum of physical fitness benefits to be experienced.
  3. Guaranteed Career
    As aforementioned, there are requirements for military service after college graduation. This fact, coupled with training and a degree already received, equates to automatic placement in a career. Typical college graduates and others are usually burdened with career establishment and job placement after the completion of college. As an ROTC graduate, this step has been eliminated. Upon completion of the chosen degree, participants are automatically positioned for streamlined placement into a career in the military. Providing a path to success well after ROTC, graduates will always be privy to the latest career opportunities.
  4. Credentials for a Lifetime
    Should the ROTC graduate choose to exit the military after having completed their required term, they are now equipped with credentials to last a lifetime. Graduates of the ROTC have inherently proven commitment to a cause. They have also received a valuable degree and years of subsequent military service. To say they are then a good candidate for the civilian job market is certainly an understatement.

With all of these factors in mind, one can truly appreciate the totality of ROTC programs and the benefits that they are able to offer.

No matter the branch of military or the potential ROTC student’s desired major, there is an ROTC available that will provide this true world of benefits.

For more information on a specific ROTC program or sign-up, we recommend contacting that program’s representatives directly.

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