What are the Highest Paying Jobs for Former Military?

What are the Highest Paying Jobs for Former Military?

Veterans make some of the best employees in the work force, primarily because they have already learned some of life’s most valuable lessons.

Most of these lessons cannot be taught in a college classroom. The concepts behind these lessons include personal discipline, professionalism, integrity, leadership and esprit de corps.

They are ideals that are drilled into the head of each new recruit upon day one of basic training and can be directly applied to the business world.

A Career in Management

Leadership is one of the most important concepts taught in the military. The high-speed nature of combat demands that leaders have the ability to make sound decisions on the fly. This style of leadership is indoctrinated universally throughout the service even though only certain departments operate directly in combat environments.

Businesses within the civilian world do not face the necessity for such time-sensitive decisions, but employers still hold a great respect for this style of leadership. According to AOL Jobs, Companies will pay good money for leadership positions within their company.

These positions include, but are not limited to: management consultants, logistical planners, policy analysts, training and development specialists, and project managers. These job opportunities enable veterans to be a deciding factor that helps to determine the direction that their business is heading.

Those who plan to occupy these types of positions can expect to earn anywhere between $60,000 to just under $100,000 annually in these management career fields.

A Field Specifically Related to Military Occupation

Nearly all military occupations have a counterpart within the civilian world. Therefore, one can utilize the technical training that they received during their service in a similar career path within the civilian world. Many careers even employ similar types of basic training.

Those who wish to go into careers such as law enforcement or firefighting will find that they are already familiar with the physical and mental demands of basic training. Other career fields directly employ one’s technical skill that they have refined during military training.

Careers in the fields of aviation, naval engineering, mechanical engineering, internal communications, and even software development are few out of many different career paths one may be eligible after their service.

Those who plan to use their technical skills in the civilian world will enjoy an annual salary ranging from $60,000 to $120,000. Furthermore, military.com provides a military experience translator that one may use in order to discover job fields that relate to their training.


Veterans are among of the most creative and driven people on the planet, which is why they can make excellent entrepreneurs. The disciplines and skills that are taught and refined during one’s military career translate incredibly well into small businesses.

There are seminars specifically designed to give veterans the knowledge and tools necessary to start their own business. Furthermore, there are countless programs that are designed in help veteran-owned businesses take flight.


Retiring from the military should never be considered as the end to one’s career. It is the beginning to a new walk of life. Readers who plan on retiring should recognize the value behind the skills and traits that they developed over the years and take them into the civilian world.

However, it is a necessity to stress that financial success in the civilian after retirement should never be the main reason anyone considers to join the armed forces. Joining the military for the benefits is explicitly wrong.

Doing this would be delivering a complete disservice to one’s country, self, and branch of service.

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