What are the Most Satisfying Careers for Former Military?

What are the Most Satisfying Careers for Former Military?

Finding a job is almost never easy, but it’s especially difficult when you’re trying to transition from a uniform to civvies. More than 150,000 veterans face this problem every year, and that number is only expected to grow as the armed forces continue to expand.

The good news is that there are several careers that welcome former soldiers and techs. Here are four worthwhile and financially stable jobs for former military personnel.

Information Technology

IT is the “go to” industry for former soldiers, and with good reason: It offers high paying jobs for the skills you’ve already acquired by working on the ground with state-of-the-art systems.

While the rest of the population struggles to keep up with our technologically evolving world, you’ve already been in the trenches with it, and you’ve proven your competency with complicated systems just by surviving military training.

Even if you aren’t quite up to speed with the latest civilian tech, you’ll have the discipline and fortitude to pick it up quickly, which employers know and value.

If you’ve worked with computers even a little during your military career, make sure to explore your options in civilian information technology.

Aviation Program Manager

Have any flight experience or aviation/aerospace skills? You might be uniquely qualified for a Aviation Program Management position, which offers a salary anywhere from $90,000 to $160,000 a year, one of the highest for first-year employment anywhere.

Not only will you enjoy autonomy in your work, reporting only to senior staff, but you’ll also oversee your own teams in the development of things like budgets, timelines and aviation construction.

Your military training is your greatest asset here, as well as your strong work ethic and natural leadership abilities. Your security clearance won’t hurt, either.

Government Agent

Many senior agents at the FBI and CIA are former military officers. They’re attractive positions, in no small part because the goals of both institutions are centered around protecting the country and saving innocent lives, just like what you learned in the military.

You’ll also find the chain of command quite similar to the ones in the armed forces, and the fitness tests will be a downright joke.

All in all, it’s a smooth transition from soldier to government agent, so if you’d like to keep fighting the good fight even though you aren’t with the military anymore, consider a job in the FBI, CIA or even DEA.

Intelligence Analyst

Ranked by CNN as one of the top jobs for former military personnel, intelligence analysts enjoy large salaries, worthwhile projects and a 17 percent safety net of future job growth.

It’s also another position where your security clearance will come in handy; many government sectors will jump at the chance to employ a qualified candidate who has already been vetted by the armed forces for both skill and trustworthiness.

You should have no trouble finding work as an intelligence analyst if your military record is clean.

These are just a few of the top jobs available to former soldiers. If you’ve been struggling to find work in your post-military career, try searching in these categories first, then expanding your grid to similar fields and occupations.

Remember, 150,000 veterans do this every year. Just hold on to the determination and stubbornness that got you through basic training, and one day you’ll find something worthy of your talents.

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