What Business Jobs are Good For Former Military?

What Business Jobs are Good For Former Military?

After returning home to the civilian workforce, there are several business jobs good for former military to utilize the years of job experience under their belts.

Regardless of whether they have ever received an MBA, military veterans often are the ideal job candidates because many of the skills and responsibilities that come with military serve are readily transferrable to business positions.

Although veterans often feel daunted by the challenge of making the transition from being overseas, an increase in career opportunities has helped to drop the unemployment rate for former military to 6.5%, which is still above the national average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you are returning to the private sector after serving in the military, the following are the top business jobs that often are a great fit for veterans.

Management Analyst

Efficiency is one of the major trademarks of the military, so serving in the Armed Forces has undoubtedly provided you with the skills needed to perform tasks in the most effective methods possible to ensure missions are successful.

In a very similar fashion, management analysts are required to analyze clients’ inefficiencies and design innovative solutions to make organizations more profitable through cutting costs.

Whether self-employed on a contractual basis or employed by a large consulting company, management analysts are responsible for developing strategies to improve an organization’s overall efficiency to remain competitive.

By becoming a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), you could earn an average yearly salary of $78,600 in an industry poised to skyrocket by 19% before 2022.


According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, nearly one-fourth of military veterans returning to the civilian workforce decide to buy or launch their own business.

Military veterans are usually excellent business owners because they possess the qualities that are needed to help new companies survive the first few rough years and grow into viable operations.

Since being a member of the military has provided you with extreme discipline and determination, you may be the perfect fit for becoming an entrepreneur in today’s competitive global business marketplace.

From franchising an existing business or starting a brand-new company from the ground up, there are many ways for you to pursue entrepreneurship and become the general manager of a successful company to earn an annual mean salary of $113,000 or much more.

Training and Development Manager

Since one of the key traits of an effective military member is leadership, possessing the ability to command the respect of fellow personnel can lead to many careers in business, including the role of training and development manager.

Training and development managers are responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating programs to enhance the skills of a business’ employees to advance towards achieving organizational goals.

Serving in the Armed Forces has provided you with the essential problem-solving, crisis management, leadership, and decision making skills that are needed to develop the talent of a company.

Becoming a training and development manager leads to a sizeable annual average salary around $95,400 in a field projected to grow by 11% over the next decade.

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Overall, veterans of the U.S. military are arguably the most highly trained members of today’s workforce who leave the service with practical skills that can easily translate into virtually any business career, according to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

In addition to the positions highlighted in this article, other business jobs good for former military include accountant, administrative service manager, budget analyst, financial manager, market research analyst, business operations manager, marketing manager, and even CEO.

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