What Career Counseling Services are Available to Veterans?

What Career Counseling Services are Available to Veterans?

Without a doubt, if anyone is a good fit or deserving of career counseling services, veterans are among those at the top of the list.

Depending on who you might ask, though, actually identifying and reaching out to such services may be represented as difficult, or straightforward and easy.

Here to make this particular subject a bit clearer to understand, we give you a three-section, basic guide to the world of career counseling services specifically serving our nation’s prized vets.

Private and Non-Profit

Private and non-profit organizations account for a notable percentage of the primary sources of job help for this group of the population.

Private organizations and enterprises are those run and administered by a private person or persons.

Non-profit groups are those that are considered tax-exempt organizations and that provide a particular, charitable service to the cause. Here are some of the most noteworthy providers of such job services for vets.

  • VeteranCCS – This private service open to all vets provides the veteran with many job help resources. A job toolkit, connections to veteran placement services, ample contacts, personalized guidance, and more await here.
  • Grace After Fire – This organization is dedicated to overall resource provision to the female veteran specifically. The organization provides vocational resources along with a whole host of others for today’s female vet.
  • Wounded Warrior Project – Wounded Warrior Project provides a great variety of resources to vets that have been wounded in their service. Among the organization’s many resources, their Warriors To Work Program helps with all types of vocational needs experienced by veterans. In addition, the organization provides complimentary services that can help in the work effort including transportation and mobility services, psychological supports, and more.

Academically/Educationally Affiliated

On the academic side of things, there are seemingly endless opportunities for today’s veteran to seek vocational services.

Chances are, if you are affiliated with a school or educational program of any sort, there will be an accompanying department or practice associated with that school to serve this particular purpose.

If additional school is not the objective, it is usually fruitful for the veteran to reach out to their previous educational institutions for this type of help.

As an affiliated student, past or present, services are typically readily available.


Finally, the third category of veteran vocational service-providers is that of the government. There are a number of programs, resources, and official government entities that all handle this type of veteran service. Most of these operate at the federal level.

The chief example of such a veteran service is that of the US Department of Veterans’ Services. From healthcare to job transitions, this is the leading and foremost, representative authority on veteran resources of all types.

Within this department, a vast job center provides the resource pool so often needed. Here, vets can research job opportunities, apply to positions, and seek all types of guidance in-between.

The United States military veteran is an undoubtedly important and valuable resource to our job market today. In order to help this group of patriots always find that position they are best suited to and deserve, many organizations and entities do indeed exist.

This piece is meant to highlight that fact and as well as shine some additional light on some of the specific career counseling options that are available to our valued veterans today.

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