What Education is Required to Be an Army Reserve Soldier?

What Education is Required to Be an Army Reserve Soldier?

To enlist in the Army Reserve, like any other branch of the military you do not need any formal education beyond high school or a GED, but you do have to be 18 or older.

After you enlist, there are many careers in the Army Reserve to choose from and you will have the opportunity to become trained in those careers.

To fully understand the role and duties of an Army Reserve soldier, it is necessary to understand how to join the Army Reserve, what the benefits of being in the Army Reserve are, and how long Army Reserve soldiers serve.

Joining the Army Reserve

To join the army reserve you can either apply online or you can find a recruiter. GoArmy.com is where you can apply online either as an active duty soldier, or for the Army Reserve.

Usually new applicants will meet with a recruiter prior to taking all the necessary steps to join the reserve so that they can have their questions answered about what serving in the reserve is like and what to expect in basic training, both in the classroom and in the physical training.

Before you can become enlisted in the Army Reserve, you must also take the ASVAB test to make sure that you meet the aptitude required to join.

Once the ASVAB is passed, a physical examination must also be passed as well as a background check and fingerprinting.

When all the tests have been passed you take the oath of a soldier in the United States Army and you become officially enlisted.

Army Reserve Benefits

When you join the Army Reserve, you will have the flexibility to continue on with your education and learn the material necessary to do not only your job in the Army Reserve, but also after your service period is over.

The Army Reserve offers packages to soldiers to help pay for college tuition such as the Selected Reserve Montgomery GI Bill, or the Rerserve Education Assistance Program.

You can also get health insurance benefits such as the TRICARE Reserve Select, the TRICARE Dental Program, or the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance.

Army Reserve Length of Service

Typically Army Reserve soldiers are enlisted for about 3-6 year periods depending on their assignments, and usually they will be stationed within the states and will stay close to home.

But unlike the members of the National Guard who are always stationed on American soil, an Army Reserve soldier could be called up to active duty and deployed in the field so they must always be prepared for action.

The Army Reserve has the Military Service Obligation program that gives soldiers who were previously on active duty the chance to fulfill their service obligation in the Army Reserve for a shorter period of time.

So while you don’t need a formal education to enlist in the Army Reserve, receiving the right training and education during your period of service will go a long way towards a successful military career as well as providing a civilian career once your service period is over.

America’s armed services will always continue learning and growing as they develop new ways to protect the freedoms of the nation.

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