What Emergency Management Jobs are Available for Former Military?

What Emergency Management Jobs are Available for Former Military?

After the numerous lessons learned in combat training, there are several in-demand emergency management jobs available for former military.

Spending time on the front lines facing down danger on a daily basis gives veterans exceptional preparation for working in emergency management either in the public or private sector.

Former military can utilize their quick reaction times, calmness under pressure, fine-tuned problem solving skills, and communication abilities to smoothly transition to civilian life in emergency management.

Of course, some of the highest paid leadership positions related to disaster response may require veterans spend time in post-secondary schooling for a bachelor’s or master’s in the field too.

The following are four hiring professions where former military can continue protecting the safety of our citizens.

Emergency Management Director

Emergency management directors are given the primary role of preparing procedural plans that can be followed to properly respond to natural and/or manmade disasters.

Emergency management directors work closely with elected officials and law enforcement officers to lead the response efforts following a crisis situation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

They can be employed by government agencies, non-profit organizations, or private corporations to create effective plans that will minimize damage.

Former military officers make great emergency management directors thanks to their ability to anticipate hazards and make quick decisions under distress.

Homeland Security Agent

Within the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), homeland security agents are working hard to conduct investigations on possible terror threats impacting our nation’s safety.

After the harrowing events of 9/11, the demand for homeland security agents has risen to cut down on terrorist behavior, illegal smuggling, unlawful immigration, and border issues.

Some homeland security agents also work abroad to handle international affairs impacting our national security.

Veterans can be ideal matches for working in homeland security with their background in responding to terrorist plots on foreign soil.

Emergency Medical Technician

Former military, especially those who served as Medical Corps to treat soldiers, often find their place in civilian life by becoming emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

Also referred to as paramedics, EMTs respond to the scene of emergencies to provide immediate care to sick or injured individuals.

Emergency medical technicians will respond to 911 calls, assess a patient’s condition, follow training guidelines, and keep patients stable for ambulance transport.

Veterans choosing to become EMTs can use their physical strength and medical training to save lives.

Business Continuity Planner

Veterans looking to take a different path into the corporate world could become business continuity planners too.

In the emergency management field, business continuity planners are hired mostly by private corporations, universities, hospitals, and other agencies outside of the government.

Business continuity planners focus their skills on creating plans that will help companies maintain normal operations and minimize losses after a crisis.

Former military working in BCP can help corporations prepare for threats like cyber attacks, theft, epidemics, power outages, floods, and more.

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As you can see, emergency management is a diverse field bursting with job options for veterans seeking to continue their public service in preventing or overcoming disasters.

Emergency management offers former military an avenue to enter a fast-paced position free from boredom while earning a potentially lucrative salary.

Other notable emergency management jobs available for former military include emergency dispatcher, disaster preparedness administrator, firefighter, police officer, border patrol agent, air marshal, incident analyst, and disaster recovery specialist.

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