What Information Technology Jobs Are Available With A Military Degree?

What Information Technology Jobs Are Available With A Military Degree?

Though military training is a bit different from the information technology training offered on college campuses, the differences it offers actually means that there are lots of IT jobs available with a military degree.

These jobs often are unique in nature, focusing more on government and security work. Even so, they give candidates the ability to leverage their military training and the discipline that they learned and internalized after several years in any branch of the armed services.

For those considering how their skills learned in the military will translate into civilian success during a job search, consider a few key categories of job growth within the industry.

Federal Government Jobs Represent a Great Opportunity

While many IT jobs will require those with military training to seek additional coursework on a college campus, there’s actually quite a few federal government jobs that will not require such work.

Those that do will often reimburse hired employees for much of their tuition expenses and time spent in the classroom, which is certainly a great benefit of landing the job in the first place.

Typically, those with a military background and military IT training can expect to land a job in the Department of Defense, or with the FBI, CIA, NSA, or Department of Homeland Security.

These particular federal agencies are quite friendly to military training, and many offer equivalency programs that equate certain military training programs with certain college courses or degrees.

They represent a great way to gain job experience as well, which may help seasoned IT pros seek private sector work in due time.

Private Sector Jobs Offer Varied Opportunities

While not as military-friendly in terms of training and degrees, private sector jobs are increasingly working with veterans to help them land a stable and growing position within their qualified field of expertise.

There are numerous government departments that are actually working with employers to encourage them to hire veterans, and this means that more employers understand how military training prepares candidates for work in a field like information technology.

These jobs are generally advertised on military job sites and those that cater to veterans, so be sure to keep an eye out for employers that won’t require additional training as a condition of employment.

To Expand Opportunities, Consider a College Degree Program in IT

Though unfortunate, a large number of private sector employers still don’t treat military IT training as equivalent to what students would learn through a four-year degree program at a traditional university.

The good news for veterans who wish to work in the private sector is that many universities have adopted a challenge examination policy that can help them speed through a degree program and obtain the degree needed to compete in the private sector.

Challenge examinations are simply tests that focus on a given course’s area of instruction. New students can complete these exams in all areas where they were trained in the military and, if they score highly enough, the associated course will be waived.

This cuts down on the time it takes to earn the degree, and makes it possible to complete as few as 45 credits in pursuit of a Bachelor’s in IT.

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From Education to New Careers, Opportunities Abound for Veterans

Information technology is growing so quickly that the industry has had to continually adjust how it evaluates and hires candidates.

For government jobs and some work in the private sector, this means a military degree is a perfectly good credential for entry-level or mid-level work.

Even if it isn’t, the increasingly flexible options at local universities increase the number of IT jobs available with a military degree and additional training, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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