What is a DSST Test?

What is a DSST Test?

If you’re worried that getting a college degree takes too much time and money, then you’ll want to know more about the DSST test.

Once geared toward members of the military, these tests are now available to civilians as a means of completing a college degree in less time.

The DSST program is a convenient alternative for busy adults who don’t want to quickly earn a degree.

Take a DSST Test to Prove What You Know

The DSST is a convenient and cost-effective method for assessing what you already know. Essentially, each exam is similar to the final test that’s presented at the conclusion of an undergraduate-level class.

If a student can pass the exam, then they effectively receive credit for completing that course. However, they don’t spend a moment in the classroom. They merely prove what they already know through successful completion of the test.

Currently, the price for each exam begins at $80. That’s a significant savings when compared to the expense of taking a three-credit undergraduate course.

Moreover, taking the test requires just a few hours of your time when compared with the weeks or months of effort that are required to complete a class.

What Kinds of Exams Are Available?

More than 30 different DSST tests are currently offered. Most of these feature a general education focus. The benefit of this is that if students can prove what they know by passing these tests, then they are free to pursue their degree-specific courses. Accordingly, they can graduate far more quickly and embark on a new career that much sooner.

Students can choose to take mathematics tests relating to algebra and statistics as well as in a wide range of physical science subjects like Astronomy and Health and Human Development.

The Technology category includes Technical Writing and Fundamentals of Cyber Security while Humanities focuses on public speaking, world religions and ethics.

The categories that have the greatest number and diversity of exams are Social Science and Business. Under Social Science, students can take tests relating to Criminal Justice, Developmental Psychology and the Civil War. Business tests include Principles of Finance, Human Resource Management and Introduction to Computers.

Institutional Acceptance of DSST Credits

Greater than 1,900 colleges accept DSST exams in lieu of college credit. Before signing up to take any of these tests, it is advisable to check online to see if your institution accepts these exams as credit.

The search is quick, simple and provides clear indications regarding whether or not a particular college awards credit for DSST exams and if they have capabilities for delivery of Internet-based exams.

Test Format

Exams may be administered online or on paper. All tests are multiple choice, and people sitting for the test are given two hours to complete it. Students are required to take the exam at an authorized testing center, which is usually a college campus.

Taking an online practice test is a great way to prepare for the exam.

Earning a college degree is a widely accepted method for entering a new field or improving prospects in a current career.

If you can pass a DSST test before enrollment, you may be able to significantly reduce the number of class hours you must complete to earn your degree.

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