What is ConAP?

What is ConAP?

The Concurrent Admissions Program (ConAP) is a program designed to foster more educational opportunities for prospective Soldiers.

Nearly 2,000 different higher education institutions are involved in ConAP, and each of them are in an official cooperate partnership with the United States Army Recruiting Command.

By partnering with the Army Recruiting Command, the institution is able to establish a more thorough and organized flow of communication with Future Soldiers that designate them as being among their top choices for enrollment.

ConAP is not just an intangible link between the United States Amy Recruiting Command and the institutions that Future Soldiers are considering, but a collective concentrated effort made up of many nodes in a cooperative network; this network is made up of focused Army education centers, Education Services Specialists, Army Recruiters, and various other essential posts in both the Army and academia.

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ConAP’s Aim

In essence, the ultimate goal of ConAP is to ensure that there are more college-educated Reserve Soldiers, Veterans and active-duty Army soldiers alike.

ConAP aims to create a higher rate of of military enlistment in the demographic make up of those with the aptitude, capability and desire to pursue a college career.

In addition to establishing a higher enlistment rate of college-capable recruits, ConAP is also focused on steadily increasing the number of benefits made available with GI Bill education benefits.


ConAP is offered to new active duty enlistees in the Army Reserve and the Regular Army. The program is also available to any college-capable participants in the Future Solider program.

During their 2-to-6 year enlistment, Regular Army Soldiers in the ConAP program are trained for proficiency in over 200 professional skills; ideally, these skills can serve as an additional point of leverage in consideration for enrollment in ConAP colleges.

Linking Soldiers to Colleges

Future Soldiers are intended to be put in contact with ConAP-participating higher education institution at the time of their Regular Army or Army Reserve enlistment. The Future Soldier formalizes the arrangement by filling out an official College Referral and Intent to Enroll form stating their desire to become a student following their enlistment.

After the College Referral and Intent to Enroll form has been received by the ConAP college, the ConAP college keeps the Future Solider informed through a steady stream of valuable information.

The information that ConAP sends Future Soldiers includes important details about successful completion of their specific application process. In addition to information about how to properly apply, ConAP colleges also keep the Future Soldier informed with advice on how to make sure that they’re academically prepared for college life should they go through with enrolling.


Future Soldiers are given helpful tips and resources they can use for successfully beginning college work while still in their enlistment tenure, streamlining to process of transitioning from military life to their life as a student.

By constantly remaining in touch with the ConAP college of their choice, participating Soldiers can have the benefit of understanding what life with the institution will demand and entail to a more thorough degree than the typical applicant who doesn’t conduct much independent research.

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