What is the Army PaYS Program?

What is the Army PaYS Program?

The United States Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program is dedicated to helping prospective enlistees secure a stronger chance of employment after their military tenure. Companies that operate with the PaYS program are formally referred to as “PaYS partners”. Many companies that register as PaYS partners are heavily involved in grassroots programs aimed at bettering the community, for which they are recognized as Centers of Influence (COIs).

Thanks to the Memorandum of Agreement that the Army has in effect with a wide range of local and state institutes, soldiers can secure a guaranteed interview with whatever institution is their designated PaYS partner.

Future Decade Hiring Needs Determination

All participants in the PaYS program are permitted to plan their hiring needs for Regular Army Soldiers, Army Reserve Soldiers and ROTC Lieutenants up to a decade in advance. Every July, the PaYS job database is updated to extend the time for future hiring needs specification to include the new final year of the following decade.

Qualifying Soldiers

On the military’s side, the PaYS program is participated in by Regular Army (RA) Soldiers who have already completed at least one full enlistment term. Regular Army PaYS soldiers can and oftentimes have already accumulated a number of years of professional experience, and based on that unique experience, they might be identified as the best potential candidates certain PaYS partners in need of competent hires.

In addition to RA Soldiers, Army Reserve (AR) Soldiers and ROTC Cadets also participate in the PaYS program. AR Soldiers are eligible for hiring by PaYS partners after they’ve completed anywhere from six to nine months of training, at which point they’ll be permitted to reach out for interviews.

ROTC Cadets may be able to make a decision on their PaYS partner while in their second, third or final year of college enrollment. While ROTC Cadets may be employed immediately after graduation, ROTC Officers will first have to complete approximately half a year of advanced training after their graduation.

Value of PaYS Program

The PaYS program is aimed at galvanizing a higher degree of employers participating in soldiers’ post-military careers. Rather than simply remaining silent and awaiting the PaYS Soldier to reach out to them, partners are expected to consistently maintain a line of contact and provide them with an ongoing feed of helpful information about the organization. PaYS Partners can share essential information with their partnered soldiers using the PaYS Information Exchange (PIX) system.

The PaYS program isn’t intended to help an organization replace its entire workforce with nothing but Soldiers, but to establish a mutually beneficial relationship that ensures that partners consistently have the ability to scout a stable pool of qualified occupants.

The value of the PaYS program is demonstrated to Senior Army Leaders with annotated interviews and hiring records. What many PaYS partners have found is that the level of accountability and competence in their organizations have risen by a decent amount after having experienced soldiers occupy civilian positions in the company.

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