What is the Army Tuition Assistance Program?

What is the Army Tuition Assistance Program?

The Army tuition assistance, also called TA, is a program open to active military personnel that allows them to get help paying for college.

This program allows students to use those funds to pay for any type of training or education program.

The military caps the total amount that you can use per year and will only pay a set amount per credit or semester hour.

This program is open to any student currently serving in the military who is on off-duty status and is open to those in the reserves and similar programs.

What Can You Use the Money Towards?

You can use money from this program to pay for your total education costs. The military allows soldiers to use the funds to pay for college classes taken towards a degree that will help them when they retire from the military and for programs that will help them while enlisted.

The funds are available for those in traditional college programs as well as those in distance education programs. A distance education program is one that lets you take classes through the mail or via online classes. Many of these programs cater to military students.

Who is Eligible?

Though many soldiers and personnel are eligible for this program, it’s only open to those who are currently in the military.

You must show proof that the class you want to take will not end before the end of your service. If you have only a few months left in your service, you cannot use the money to pay for a class that won’t end until after you leave.

You will need to submit an application to the program at least 10 days before the class you want to take starts.

How Much Do You Get?

The military will not let you get more money than the class costs. You can only get enough cash to cover the total cost of the class that you want to take without any surplus remaining.

The TA program pays out $250 per semester hour and $166 per quarter hour with a cap of $4,000 available in a fiscal year, according to Military.com.

If you take classes that cost more than the amount given, you are responsible for the balance. You can get assistance to pay for up to 130 hours at the undergrad level or up to 39 hours at the graduate level.

Can You Use it with Other Financial Aid?

As someone currently enlisted in the military, you can use the Army tuition assistance program with other types of financial aid. There is a chance that you might qualify for the GI Bill while still in the military.

The benefits that you get from the GI Bill depends on how long you served and how much you paid into the fund. This cash can help you pay for any fees charged by the school, equipment that you need in your classes and any textbooks you must purchase. You can contact the college you want to attend to find out more.

Each branch of the armed forces offers some type of help for soldiers and military personnel who want to go to college while enlisted.

Some programs provide financial support for those in vocational programs too. The Army tuition assistance is one program open to members of this branch who need financial help.

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