What is the Edith Nourse Rogers Scholarship?

What is the Edith Nourse Rogers Scholarship?

In 2017, the United States government passed a bill into law that created the Edith Nourse Rogers Scholarship. This provision of the so-called “Forever GI Bill,” which was reported on extensively by Military.com, is a bill that removes several barriers to education that had once hindered a veteran’s ability to reacclimate themselves to civilian life.

Now, with the passage of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program, veterans can pursue their educational goals while being supported by the country they have served with honor.


This scholarship was created in August of 2017 under the new “Forever GI Bill,” also known as the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017.

It is part of a $3 billion dollar initiative to expand educational assistance to veterans and their dependents who, prior to the bill’s passage, did not qualify for assistance. It is one of 34 provisions that expand upon educational opportunities for veterans and their families as well as enable them to use the bill at any time to advance their education.

This specific program was one of the most important provisions in the bill and is heralded as a hallmark in advancing the field for which it is intended.


The Edith Nourse Rogers program was created as a source for STEM education. Effective August 1, 2018, veterans who are enrolled in or wish to earn a degree in a STEM field will be eligible to receive up to $30,000 towards their education.

This program will help veterans at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels and was created in order to give veterans the opportunity to earn a degree in a high-paying field; it also has a provision that enables those earning licensure or certification as an educator in STEM to also have their education paid for.

Benefits for Veterans

This program is an incredible opportunity for veterans who are interested in pursuing a career in the STEM field. From engineering programs to working as an educator at the K-12 level, this enables these military members to focus on their education without concerning themselves with the day-to-day responsibilities of their lives.

The program offers a way for veterans to pay for their college education and still keep their homes, giving them a freedom that comes with service to the United States of America. And, as STEM becomes more integral into the everyday lives of Americans, the program offers ethical professionals who have a background in working towards the best interest of the country, making this program a beautiful addition to a balance of education and the workforce.


Only military veterans will be eligible when the program becomes active in August of 2018; dependants and spouses are not currently eligible to participate in this particular venture.

Veterans must also demonstrate that they have either used up their GI Bill benefits up to this point or have at least 60 semester credit hours at a college or university in a STEM field at either the undergraduate or graduate level. Additionally, veterans who already have a STEM degree but declare their intention to earn a teaching certification in the field are also eligible to earn these benefits, so long as they are earning their certification through an accredited institution.

With the rise of veterans that are reentering the civilian workforce, it has become apparent that the United States government must do more to sustain their educational goals.

After all, these veterans have worked to protect the country from harm and deserve to be compensated for their hard work and sacrifice.

It is an admirable thing to see the Edith Nourse Rogers Scholarship come into law, and in time, the country will reap the rewards of sending its veterans to college.

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