What Jobs Are Available For Former Military in Accounting?

What Jobs Are Available For Former Military in Accounting?

Toward the end of your tour in the military, you might find yourself looking at the types of jobs available for former military in accounting.

Accountants typically need some type of formal training and education, including a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a license from the state they plan to live and work.

Many colleges now offer programs designed for military personnel that let you finish your degree and enter the workforce right after leaving the military.

If you have an accounting degree, you’ll find several types of jobs that are perfect for you.

Tax Preparation Accounting

One of the more common types of jobs available for former military in accounting is a job in tax preparation accounting.

Companies and individuals need help from experts when it comes time to file their taxes. Even a small mistake on their forms can result in an audit that leaves those tax payers paying more than they expected.

As a tax preparation expert, you need a basic understanding of federal and state tax laws and the ability to file on the behalf of your clients. These accountants look for deductions that can help tax payers get big benefits and avoid any penalties.

Certified Public Accounting

Working as a certified public accountant requires that you take the CPA examination in your state. Y

ou can only take this exam after completing the minimum number of credit hours of accounting courses.

The total amount needed varies from state to state, but most states ask that you take four years of undergraduate coursework and at least one year of graduate school classes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants make a median annual wage of $63,550 or a median wage of $30.55 an hour.

Forensic Accounting

Your background in the military may help you as a forensic accountant. Depending on what you did in the military, you may have a strong background in computer science and the ability to work with different types of programs and software.

That experience will do you well in the forensics world. Forensic accountants work with different government agencies and with law enforcement groups to find proof of accounting errors and crimes.

They help companies find proof that employees working for the company embezzled and stole from their employers. They also work with law enforcement to track the movement of money across the country that might relate to terrorist activities.

Business Accounting

The types of jobs available for former military in accounting also include positions in business accounting. Business accountants serve as chief financial officers and in other leadership positions within companies.

They use computer programs to create budgeting software that shows companies how much money they spent and where that money went.

Business accountants also help those companies prepare financial documents that they can show to the board of directors and others.

They may work for small business owners, in larger corporations, for major hospitals and medical facilities or for nonprofit organizations.

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The only way you can work in the accounting world is with a college degree.

The experience that you gain in the military can assist you in various careers and accounting jobs, but you will still need a degree and likely a license.

The top jobs available for former military in accounting include business, tax preparation, certified public and forensic accounting.

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