What Jobs Are Available for Former Military in Advertising?

What Jobs Are Available for Former Military in Advertising?

There are many jobs available for former military members in advertising, just as there are in virtually every industry.

The advertising field, in fact, is full of military members who have excellent discipline, an efficient approach to completing the task at hand, and an entrepreneurial spirit that aligns closely with the needs of both corporate clients and smaller businesses in the industry.

To get started in this field, veterans should consider the top opportunities that combine the benefits of military training with the needs of an increasingly fast-paced advertising industry, according to Military.com.

Junior or Senior Account Executive

Former military members who consider themselves to be both highly persuasive and great at sales should consider a role as an account executive within one of today’s larger advertising firms.

In this role, professionals will work alongside clients to ensure that their needs are met in any way possible. This may mean listening to complaints about current advertising and working alongside the client, as well as the firm, to create a more appealing advertising option within their needs.

It may also mean calling in for conference calls, working with the client as they develop their company-wide strategy, and communicating the needs and viewpoints of the agency to a client as they communicate their own needs for various advertising efforts.

Account executives need to be good time managers, they must communicate clearly and promptly, and they should have the ability to negotiate various needs, prices, and other initiatives between their own agency and the client who adds real value to the agency through their business.

By utilizing these skills, which many military veterans have learned and used in the past, success will be easily within reach.

Creative Professionals or Creative Managers

The creatives in advertising are the people who actually pitch a campaign, design it, and react to a client’s embrace or rejection of that work.

For military veterans who are more creative than persuasive in their approach to the advertising industry, this job is actually a really great fit.

Most agencies give their creative professionals a great deal of freedom to design campaigns that are cutting-edge and unlike anything seen before.

This type of freedom allows veterans, and any others with a creative background, to really embrace their own style and do work that millions will see on a daily basis.

For military veterans with a history of success in creative work, or a resume that shows demonstrated managerial experience in a military context, it may be possible to advance into creative management.

In this role, a combination of creative work and personnel management would characterize the workday. It’s perhaps the single most sought-after role in a modern advertising agency, with excellent benefits, compensation, and daily responsibilities.

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Advertising is a Great Fit for Former Military Members

Advertising might seem at first to be a strange field for veterans, but that’s actually not the case.

This career choice requires the ability to brainstorm, strategize, manage efficiently, and mediate directly.

These daily job requirements are some of the core skills taught to members of the military from boot camp through every branch of service, every promotion, and every active tour of duty required.

As a result, many jobs are available for former military members in advertising.

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