What Jobs Are Available for Former Military in Information Technology?

What Jobs Are Available for Former Military in Information Technology?

If you have a fondness for technology and strong problem-solving skills, now is a great time for you to learn about jobs available for former military in informational technology.

The transition from military to civilian life can be difficult, but the skills you learned while serving your country are often transferable into the private sector.

Additionally, if you learned about technology or completed a degree in computers or a related field before being discharged, you are qualified for many government jobs.

Careers in Information Technology

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists 10 different IT careers.

Required experience and education ranges from basic computer knowledge for entry-level support specialists to doctorates for IT researchers.

Jobs available for former military in informational technology include

  • Computer research scientists
  • Infrastructure and network architects
  • Computer programmers
  • Support specialists
  • Systems analysts
  • Database administrators
  • Information security specialists
  • Network and system administrators
  • Software developers
  • Web developers

Getting a Job in IT

The field of information technology is growing rapidly at present and is expected to continue to grow as technology improves.

Entry level positions at help desks and similar places do not require a degree, so these are great jobs to get while completing a bachelor’s degree through the G.I. Bill.

Another benefit of choosing a career in information technology after leaving the military is that every modern business needs some form of technical support.

Government agencies have IT jobs for individuals with a wide range of skills and educational background. As information technology opportunities grow in government jobs, your opportunities grow significantly because former military personnel receive hiring preference for these jobs.

You can get more information and assistance in finding the right government IT job for you by visiting Feds Hire Vets, a federally operated resource for military veterans.

Of course, private-sector jobs in information technology are also available for former military members, and you can get assistance on finding these positions with help from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Choosing an IT Career Path

The opportunities in information technologies are great. To find the best job for you after a career in the military, you need to learn about the available options.

Do you want to work a help desk and assist users of a certain product or platform? Do you enjoy programming? Would you like to build and maintain networks for companies of various sizes?

Different IT careers require different skill sets. Although help desk work tends to require less formal education, it requires careful attention to detail and great verbal and written communication skills.

Programming requires less interaction with other people, but it demands an ability to sit in front of a computer for long periods of time without growing bored or distracted.

Jobs in web design and networking require the ability to listen and understand the needs of others as well as the ability to create products that meet those needs.

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As you transition from military to civilian life, consider carefully the job possibilities that are open to you.

You’ll find many jobs available for former military in informational technology. What type of an IT job do you believe is right for you?

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