What Jobs Are Available for Former Military in Internet Development?

What Jobs Are Available for Former Military in Internet Development?

Web Designer

If you have experience with arts and media, consider becoming a Web designer. Out of all the jobs available for former military in Internet development, this one is the best for artsy people.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Web designers are the ones that make websites look appealing.

They decide where to put things like pictures, text and applications so that websites are pleasant to look at and easy to navigate.

If you decide that you want this job, you may need to learn HTML unless you can find an employer who’s willing to train you.

The good news is that for tech-savvy individuals, HTML is pretty simple to learn. Knowing other computer languages will also be helpful, so if you already know how to use jаvascript or a similar language, you’re ahead of the game.


Programmers may not be the first professionals that come to mind when thinking of jobs available for former military in Internet development, but nobody would be able to develop Web pages if no one knew how to program.

Depending on what job you had or currently have in the military, you may not have much experience with programming. As long as you have experience with computers, though, picking up a programming language shouldn’t be too difficult.

As long as you are willing to do some learning and have something to put on your resume that involves technology, programming is a great way to try something new while still staying in the industry that you love.

Both self-study and classroom learning can be used to learn how to program.


Webmasters are the ones who keep websites running. Once a Web designer and programmer develop a website, a Webmaster is in charge of making sure that everything is working correctly.

If you become a webmaster, you’ll have to keep an eye out for broken links, Webpages that won’t load or won’t display correctly and other various errors.

While there are many jobs available for former military in Internet development, deciding to become a Webmaster is a good choice if you like fixing things and making sure that things are able to run smoothly, but aren’t very excited about creating original content.

Different employers give employees different responsibilities. Some Webmasters are also in charge of responding to comments that are made by website visitors and users. Because of this, you should have basic grammar skills and be able to communicate clearly if you want this type of position.

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Serving in the military teaches people invaluable skills, so you should have quite a few options available when looking for a civilian technology job.

Make sure to look at all of the jobs available to former military in Internet development so that you can find a great career.

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