What Jobs Are Available for Former Military in Marketing?

What Jobs Are Available for Former Military in Marketing?

If you’re looking for jobs available for former military in marketing, you’ll find that there are several career options that align well with the skills gained during your service.

Many veterans pursue jobs related to engineering, law enforcement, and information technology, but the marketing field can provide plenty of different jobs studying products, identifying targeted audiences, and crafting marketing strategies to cater them.

For veterans trying to successfully transition back into the civilian workforce, marketing offers a large number of diverse opportunities with management-level positions growing faster than average at 13%, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To help you bring your unique training and marketable skills from military service into marketing, below we’ve highlighted some in-demand marketing jobs available for veterans like you.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts are responsible for closely examining current market conditions to determine the potential sales forecasts for certain products and/or services.

Analysts are hired to conduct market research in nearly every industry to help companies understand what products customers want and at what price.

Market research analysts may use interviews, surveys, questionnaires, public opinion polls, or other testing methods to collect the data needed to evaluate consumer demographics.

Some may also survey competitors to pinpoint certain business threats or challenges that must be addressed. Veterans bring strong analytical skills, report writing experience, and critical thinking abilities into market research.

Internet Marketing Strategist

Former military are known for their quick thinking and strategic minds, so these attributes can come in handy for pursuing a career as an internet marketing strategist.

As the Internet continues to become an integral part of business life, more companies are hiring marketing strategists specifically for attracting more visitors to their website.

Internet marketing strategists are responsible for creating Web promotion plans, practicing good SEO, publishing online press releases, interacting with online customers, and improving the company’s conversion rate. From email campaigns to social media marketing and blogging, Internet marketing strategies use their computer skills to boost online sales.

Marketing Manager

After advancing up the ranks in the military, you can turn your resilient, goal-driven attitude and adaptable leadership skills into a lucrative career as a marketing manager.

Marketing managers are given the duty of monitoring market trends that indicate a need for a new product or service, and then supervise the development of that item from start to finish. Marketing managers often lead sales, advertising, public relations, fundraising, and product development staff members.

It’s the responsibility of the marketing manager to help organizations maximize their profits and market share while ensuring loyal customers remain satisfied. Most marketing managers are promoted into this position, but individuals with strong computer skills, leadership experience, and persuasive communication abilities may be hired on the spot.

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Whether you are drawn to working with computers or enjoy interacting with people, there’s likely a job in the marketing field that fits your personality for a smoother transition back into the civilian workforce.

Most former military members thrive through discipline, so you may also want to consider becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own company.

Nearly 25% of U.S. veterans buy or launch a new business and have the determined qualities needed to make the company survive the first few rocky years, according to Business News Daily. Ultimately, there are numerous jobs available for former military in marketing and pathways offered to start marketing your own business too.

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