What Jobs are Available for Former Military in the Department of Defense?

Department of DefenseThe Department of Defense is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of American citizens, and if you previously served your country, you might have an interest in the type of jobs available for former military in the Department of Defense. Though your service record can help you land an entry level position, you will also need additional training and experience in the type of job that you want. When looking at some of the positions available, make sure you pay close attention to the requirements for each job.

Materials Handler

A materials handler is someone responsible for handling the materials used in a military facility. With your past military service, you may qualify for a position with the National Guard or another military installation after passing a background check. Some of the duties of the job include recording deliveries made, keeping track of inventory and creating reports that alert others of the stock the facility has. Materials handlers generally only need a high school diploma, but you may also need to pass a drug test and go through a series of interviews with the DOD.

Police Officer

Depending on the action you saw, you might look at the jobs available for former military in the Department of Defense that require applicants are physically fit. Many of the men and women working for the DOD after serving in the military work as police officers. The DOD lets you use your service record in lieu of experience, and you may have the chance to skip the police academy as well. Officers often work on military bases and in government offices to support and protect those working at the local, state or federal level.

Equipment Mechanic

If you worked on vehicles while in the military, you might consider applying for a position as an equipment mechanic. The military trains a large number of soldiers every year as mechanics, and your experience may help you gain employment in the field. Equipment mechanic is an entry level position. According to the Department Of Defense, some of the benefits associated with this job include up to 13 days of sick leave and 10 personal or vacation days every year, health insurance, a retirement plan and family leave. The DOD may also agree to work with the government to forgive any student loan debt you have.

Military Analyst

One of the other jobs available for former military in the Department of Defense is the position of military analyst. An analyst is a professional who examines current trends and looks at history to help the military determine the risk of certain actions and what the future might hold. Though your experience in the military is helpful, you will also want to attend college and take courses in both military history and statistics. Some advanced positions in the DOD may also require a graduate degree or a Ph.D in a related field, but you may have the option of working your way up to those jobs without an advanced degree.

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Enlisting in the military teaches you how to lead others, work as part of a team and a number of other skills. When looking for jobs after you retire or leave the military, take some time to look at the type of jobs available for former military in the Department of Defense.