What Jobs Are Available for Former Military with a Business Intelligence Degree?

What Jobs Are Available for Former Military with a Business Intelligence Degree?

Many military officers getting ready to transition to civilian life are interested in jobs available for former military with intelligence degree.

Business intelligence degrees are extremely marketable in the private sector today, and many of the skills learned and used in the military are transferrable to this type of career.

Management Analyst Jobs

A business intelligence degree prepares former military personnel to work as management analysts.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects this career field to grow by 19 percent in the next decade, considerably faster than average job growth nationwide.

Most of the new jobs in this field will be in small consulting firms or in specialized industries. Government jobs in business intelligence will also continue to increase, and military veterans will receive hiring preference for any federal position.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports that in 2012 around 21 percent of all business analysts were self-employed.

Military veterans who are used to taking orders often have some anxiety about starting their own businesses, but there are government-funded programs available to help you make the transition to successful business ownership if this is your dream, according to Military.com.

If you’d rather work for someone else in the private sector, you can get jobs in several different places using your business intelligence degree.

Opportunities include that have:

  • Variety of specialized consulting firms
  • Insurance carriers
  • Management for a variety of corporations and enterprises
  • Schools and institutions of higher learning
  • Law enforcement

Reasons to Pursue Business Intelligence

As a military veteran, you have a lot of skills that are valuable in private sector jobs. Business intelligence is a great career for many who have served as officers in the military.

Your leadership skills will be put to great use, and these jobs require many skills that you have honed during your service including:

  • Analytical thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Persistence
  • Attention to detail

Naturally, there are a few talents you need to possess in order to excel in a management analysis career.

You need to be good with numbers, comfortable with computer usage, skilled in management, good at problem solving, and able to communicate well with others.

These are all things your degree in business information helps to develop, and if you enjoy work that combines these elements, you are likely to be successful in this type of a career.

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The transition from military to civilian life comes with many challenges. However, by pursuing a career in the private sector that plays to your strengths, you will find greater success in making the transition.

For many military veterans, a career in business analysis is a good fit. Jobs available for former military with intelligence degree are plentiful, and many of these jobs offer hiring preference for veterans. These jobs are a great way to transfer the skills you used in the military into your civilian life.

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