What Jobs Are Available For Former Military with the CIA?

CIAIf you have prior military service experience, you may be wondering the jobs available for former military with the CIA. There are many opportunities and you could continue serving your nation provided you are qualified. This article discusses the CIA and the basic requirements for working for this agency and some of the opportunities available.

What is the CIA?

CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency. The main mission of this organization is the collection, evaluation and dissemination of foreign intelligence so that the president and senior US government officials are able to make sound national security decisions. The U.S. government counts on the CIA for domestic and international intelligence. CIA currently focuses on terrorism intelligence, espionage and covert actions. Headquarters for the CIA are located in Langley, Virginia and most job opportunities are at the headquarters or in nearby Washington, D.C, according to the CIA website.

Basic Requirements for Joining the CIA

For you to qualify for jobs available for former military with the CIA, you need to satisfy the following requirements:

  • U.S. citizen
  • Pass a medical examination and polygraph interview
  • Undergo an extensive background investigation
  • Possess a college degree

CIA Structure

CIA is made of four units, including: Directorate of Science and Technology (DST), National Clandestine Service (NCS), Directorate of Support and Directorate of Intelligence (DI).

Directorate of Science and Technology

At the DST you are charged with collecting overt intelligence. You will be gathering information appearing in public media sources. You will also be suing satellite and electronic photography for gathering data on a global scale. To qualify for this position, you have to be fluent in other foreign languages, well educated and have a knack for science and engineering.

National Clandestine Service

This is where all the spy action happens. You will be going under cover to gather intelligence. To qualify for this position you must be fluent in a few foreign languages, well educated, physically fit, mentally fit, adaptable and capable of making sound decisions during dangerous situations. The college degrees required for this position include physical sciences and international business and economics.

Directorate of Support

This unit is involved with supporting the entire CIA organization through hiring, training, financing and administration. To qualify for this position requires that you possess managerial skills and experience, the ability to make tough choices, leadership skills and a college degree that mainly covers management and human resources.

Directorate of Intelligence

This role deals with the interpretation and presentation of the findings of the national clandestine service and directorate of science and technology. To qualify for this position, you should possess great analytical skills, good writing abilities and excellent presentation skills. You should also be good with handling technical information and able to work under pressure.

Military Service Benefits for CIA

As a former military employee, if you secure any of the jobs available for former military with the CIA you stand to gain the following benefits:

  • Annual Leave – The number of days or hours of annual leave credit depends on how long you have served the military. If you have served for less than three years in the military; you are entitled to a leave of up to 13 days. If you have served for more than three years and less than 15 years, you are entitled to a leave of up to 20 days and if you have served for 15 years and above, you are entitled to a leave of up to 26 days.
  • Sick Leave – You are entitled to up to 13 days sick leave per year. It is plain to see that there are many jobs available for former military with the CIA.

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All you need is to possess the necessary experience and qualifications to land a good job with the CIA as former military.