What Jobs Are Available For Former Military with the NSA?

What Jobs Are Available For Former Military with the NSA?

There are a wide variety of jobs available for former military in the National Security Agency.

Building on the foundations provided by former military experience, the NSA offers veterans a chance to use and build upon knowledge aquired in military training in order to transition into a career in intelligence.

With benefits such as leave accrual, credit toward retirement, and veteran’s preference in hiring, careers in the NSA have become highly desired by former members of the military.

These careers can help to ease the transition from military to civilian life and to take veterans looking for work out of the unemployment lines.

Types of Careers

The official NSA website has an updated list of the types of jobs available for former military in the NSA.

Careers such as computer science and electrical and computer engineering may require no additional education depending the applicant’s skill and former level of experience.

Careers in areas such as mathematics, foreign languages, and intelligence analysis may require additional education, experience, or a combination of the two.

Some other examples of NSA careers include business, signal analysis, information assurance, and computer programming.

Hiring Process

The NSA has a hiring process that is very involved. A resume is required for all applicants. The resume should include information on the applicant’s field of expertise, training received (both in and out of the military) in this field, job and applied experience, education, and any special skills such as foreign language or technology skills.

The resume is also the applicant’s chance to show how skills that they have acquired can benefit the NSA. Preference is given to former members of the military with preference given first to disabled veterans and then to other members of the military who meet certain qualifications.

If all requirements are met for a specific position, the applicant will be contacted by a recruiter. Applicants must be able to attain a high level security clearence, and they must undergo an extensive background check, polygraph test, and drug screening. This process can take anywhere from six months to a year.


Employment with the NSA is very competitive, according to Intelligence.gov. Although preference is given to former military seeking employment, the NSA does not guarantee that all former military applicants meet the necessary requirements for employment.

For wounded former military, there are internships specifically designed to provide the additional training and experience needed to transition into intelligence based jobs.

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Transition out of the military can be difficult for many veterans. Many former military members, especially wounded veterans, have found the transition one of the hardest things that they have had to do.

Many have used outlets such as volunteer and charity work, sporting events, or a new career path to ease this transition. For those choosing a new career, a career in intelligence could be valuable.

With the many jobs that exist for former members of the military with the NSA, it is a career path worth considering for former military members.

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