What Jobs Can Former Military Get With a Psychology Degree?

What Jobs Can Former Military Get With a Psychology Degree?

Many students find themselves looking for jobs for former military with psychology degree ,because they spent time in the military and have an undergraduate degree.

When you enlist in the military, you no longer need to take time away from your studies. Schools now offer military programs that let you finish your bachelor’s degree while working on your military career.

After you leave the military, you can use your undergraduate degree to work in a variety of different fields.

Marketing Positions

Some people assume that psychology majors only want to work in the social services field. Most counselors have some type of advanced degree, and even those who don’t, still have some type of license.

You can put your psychology degree to work in a marketing position with a large corporation or an advertising company.

Psychologists learn how to read people and identify personality traits, which can help you determine what type of campaign would appeal to different types of people.

Marketing corporations often need employees who can read others effectively.

Parole Officer

Some jobs for former military personnel with psychology degrees include parole officers.

If you want a job that will give you the chance to use both your psychology skills and the skills you learned in the military, this might be your best option.

Parole officers work with criminals recently released from prison or jail. Parole gives those individuals the chance to get their lives back again, and you’ll work with them to help them cope with any troubles they have.

You’ll ensure that those former criminals remain on the straight and narrow, live where they say they live, attend any court ordered classes and maintain a job.

Writing Careers

Completing your psychology degree requires a lot of writing and research. Nearly every course that you take requires a few papers, and some programs also ask that students complete a major thesis project or paper before graduating.

You can use your writing, researching and editing skills as a writer when you get home from the military. While newspapers and magazines keep shutting down, you’ll find a number of positions available that let you work from home.

You can write for an online magazine or newspaper, create content for websites, run your own blog or work as a technical writer. Some former military writers even write instructional booklets for major companies.

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Social Services Jobs

If you are a former member of the military and have a psychology degree, you might want to work around people. Instead of finishing an advanced degree or going back to school for social work, think about working in the social services field.

According to author Kendra Cherry, who wrote an article about psychology degrees and the job market, these positions are available through different nonprofit groups and the government.

You can help underprivileged groups, support the homeless community in your area or provide other types of support. While you cannot work as a social worker without an advanced degree, you can perform many of the same services with a psychology degree.

Whether you spent a few years in the military or retired after 10 or 20 years, you can find a job with your psychology degree.

There are a number of entry level positions out there, and most jobs for former military with psychology degree let you use the skills you learned in school and the skills you learned serving your country.

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