What Jobs Can Former Military Get With an International Relations Degree?

What Jobs Can Former Military Get With an International Relations Degree?

People who have spent a few years serving in the military often gain a unique understanding of how the world works.

Not only do they experience intense personal situations, but they get to visit other countries, take in other cultures, and interact with people from around the world.

After military service is complete, it can be difficult for veterans to find their feet in the real world. Those veterans who have an International Relations degree can find jobs around the world.

Military Careers – International Relations

If your preference is to stay with the military, it is possible to get an international relations job where you serve your country’s interests.

International relations are vital in the modern world, with the United States looking to monitor situations in both friendly and unfriendly countries.

Officers that work in the International Relations or Linguistics departments will collect, report and analyze information about foreign countries.

These jobs often include the following tasks and responsibilities

  1. Collecting and reporting information about foreign military capabilities.
  2. Holding meetings with foreign government officials.
  3. Analyzing social and economic situations in specific countries, and how these factors may impact their relationship with the United States.
  4. Projecting political trends or results of upcoming general elections.

International Relations officers must be able to express ideas in a concise manner, work closely with people from different countries and backgrounds, and efficiently collect data.

Some officers will go on to be college professors such as Gary Hobin, a former International Relations officer.

Foreign Service

Those who leave the military and are looking for a new career can veer towards foreign service with their international relations degree.

These jobs include working for the United Nations or being a staff member for American embassies around the world.

Those wishing to work at an American embassy have to pass a rigorous entry exam.

Around 12,000 people have taken the exam in the past couple of years, and only 200 managed to pass.

Working for the United Nations is a dream for many, but these jobs are just as hard to obtain.

With national quotas for jobs, and plenty of qualified candidates, your credentials will have to be outstanding to get a UN job.

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Private Sectors

Many individuals with a military past and international relations degree will turn to international business.

This can be done by working for a foreign company in the United States, or by being posted abroad by a U.S. firm.

Non-Profit and Volunteer Jobs

There are a vast number of non-profit organizations that have relief teams who visit underprivileged parts of the world to provide comfort, support and education to local citizens.

Crossroads Africa, Catholic Relief Services, Maryknoll and Oxfam are just a few exams of prominent organizations that conduct work all over the world.

Teaching Abroad

Becoming a teacher requires more education, but combining a teaching degree with international relations can be hugely beneficial.

Working abroad is often a lucrative job for teachers, with higher pay, lower expenses and several benefits.

Teachers often get employed at high profile universities or private schools that are accredited by the United States. One such resource to look for teaching jobs abroad is Teach Away.

No matter what career path you take, it is important to know that there are plenty of options.

Military veterans with International Relations degrees often find the most interesting jobs in the world.

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