What Resources are Available for Veteran Students with PTSD?

What Resources are Available for Veteran Students with PTSD?

What resources are available for veteran students with PTSD? There’s a need to understand how post-traumatic stress disorder affects student veterans in the classroom.

While more research is needed in the area, something the military is already working on, there are a few resources for these students that can be found on and off campus.

VA Campus Toolkit

The VA Campus Toolkit is an online website, delivered by the mental health department at the VA, that discusses PTSD at length.

The website offers articles, videos, and other educational resources that help these students learn to adjust to life in the classroom while guiding them through the aftermath of military service.

The site also links out to reports and PDFs, all of which can be found online for free, that discuss what campus faculty and staff can do to accommodate these veterans.

It is an incredible resource that can be beneficial to these students as well as their college.

Veteran Services Centers

Some colleges and universities across the country have special veterans resource centers. These are great resources for students who have served in the military and are dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

While the centers are built for all military service members, they do have special programs for those who are dealing with this stress disorder and should be the first point of contact for veterans who are transitioning to school life.

Additionally, the Department of Veterans Affairs has also assigned special counselors to some of the country’s top schools to provide further assistance.

Student Veterans of America

Many schools have charter clubs that are associated with veterans, such as the Student Veterans of America. The group provides a variety of programs and assistance for all veterans, allowing them to transition to civilian life more comfortably.

It also allows veterans the chance to meet other students who have also served, giving them a sense of community, regardless of the college they are attending.

Assistance and referrals for students who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder are also available and is a growing priority for this group.

Transition Assistance Program

The Transition Assistance Program is delivered by the Department of Defense; it was built to help all military members and their family members transition to civilian life.

While the program is broad in scope, there are several programs dedicated to veterans who are going back to school. This includes counseling opportunities for those veterans who are experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, who need extra guidance in transitioning.

For veterans who are attending college in the traditional method, this program can be invaluable and will only serve to enhance their education while they continue to build a civilian life.

Veterans have served this country well, and they are an invaluable resource in the classroom. Most universities understand that, but while they do as much as possible to accommodate these students, some might need additional support.

With these resources that are available for veteran students with PTSD now in hand, veterans can move forward with their educational goals knowing they will find the support they need wherever they decide to attend college.

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