What Social Work Jobs Would Be a Good Fit for Former Military?

What Social Work Jobs Would Be a Good Fit for Former Military?

In order to return from deployment and adjust to a new civilian life with in-demand career opportunities, veterans from the U.S. Armed Forces must be aware which social work jobs are good fit for former military members.

Finding a way to transition from military life into the civilian workforce can be daunting when searching for job options; however, the transition can be a lot easier for veterans who put their experience to use in social work.

Due to an increased demand for healthcare and social services, employment of social workers is projected to grow much faster than average at the rate of 19% before 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Therefore, the following are some of the best social work jobs that can be the ideal career match for veterans in civilian life.

Clinical Social Worker

With their military experience in dangerous situations, veterans are well-prepared for becoming clinical social workers to give solid advice to other individuals who are struggling to cope with life’s diverse challenges.

After returning to civilian life, former military often enter clinical social work as a means to help other returning veterans who have been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Clinical social workers act as advocates for patients by explaining available healthcare resources, offering advice on treatment services, and providing guidance in coping with a wide range of psychosocial concerns.

Along with other healthcare facilities, many clinical social workers work in their own private practices or group practices with other social workers to provide therapy services to diverse clients.

Military Social Worker

Veterans with a calling to enter the social work field are often intrigued by military social work due to their formal experiences with service.

Military social workers are responsible for providing support to military families when men or women are deployed overseas.

In addition to helping family members of all ages adjust to new roles when their loved one is serving in the military, these specialized social workers work directly with veterans transitioning back to civilian life too.

Military social workers spend their days helping veterans cope with injuries in the line of duty, trauma disorders, unresolved anger, substance abuse, or grief.

Military social workers may also be involved in helping veterans apply for benefits, find housing assistance, or dealing with more complex psychiatric needs in collaboration with a case manager.

Child and Family Social Worker

For former military members, choosing a career in child and family social work can be a rewarding option to help protect young people and their families who are in need of assistance.

In many cases, child and family social workers are responsible for helping parents find services, applying for benefits, intervening when children are in danger of abuse, working to get families back together, providing mental healthcare to children coping with divorce, arranging adoptions, and handling other common family problems.

Entering this profession is particularly a good fit for former officers who have prior experience in advocacy, guidance, counseling, and/or resource coordination in the military.

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Overall, social work is a dynamic and diverse mental health that is focused on providing much needed support to individuals or families who are facing difficult life situations.

According to the US Department of Labor, with their years of former work experience in stressful situations, respect for authority, leadership abilities, flexibility in working on teams, and strong interpersonal skills, veterans are the perfect hire.

While these are the top reasons to hire veterans, these are just three of the social work jobs are good fit for former military members

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