Would Finance Be a Good Degree for Former Military?

Would Finance Be a Good Degree for Former Military?

If you are about to transition from military to civilian life, you might wonder if finance is a good degree for former military.

Of course, like all degrees, finance degrees are great for some individuals, but difficult and demanding for others.

However, many military veterans are already prepared to enter into a civilian degree program in finance.

Many former military officers have worked military jobs in finance, and an advanced degree in finance may help them climb the corporate ladder as they transition to civilian life, according to Investopedia.

Other military personnel have also gone through training that prepares them well for civilian work in finance.

Reasons to Choose a Degree in Finance

Unlike a standard business degree, degrees in finance are focused on a specific job market and will help you target specific job opportunities.

With this focused degree, you will be prepared for a civilian job in a bank or other financial institution.

You will also be qualified to work in financial departments of private organizations, or you could get a job managing finances for a government agency.

Military veterans who are interested in finance will do well with a finance degree for a number of reasons.

First, veterans receive preference for government positions, and many jobs are available with the federal government in the area of finance.

Also, the field of finance is growing rapidly in private sectors, so there is no shortage of job opportunities for well-qualified individuals.

Military personnel have also been trained to pay close attention to detail and multi-task well, two skills that are important in the field of finance.

Specializing in Finance

Institutions of higher learning graduate thousands of individuals with degrees in business each year.

Although a degree in finance is a type of business degree, it is more difficult and more specialized than a business degree.

While you might be able to get a job in finance with a generic business degree, a degree in finance will improve your chances. Additionally, there is a wide range of finance-related jobs.

With this degree you could get a job in:

  • Investment services
  • Financial planning
  • Insurance
  • Corporate management
  • International finance
  • Commercial and investment banking
  • Private banking and credit unions

Excelling in Finance

Certain personalities fit better into the world of finance than others. In order to work in finance, it helps to have an outgoing and energetic personality.

You need to be able to focus and pay careful attention to minute details, but you must also have an engaging personality in order to communicate with clients, attract new clients and explain those details to others who don’t understand them.

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Transitioning to civilian life after the military can be challenging, but with the right skill set you will be able to enjoy a prosperous career in the private sector.

If you like crunching numbers, you might enjoy a career in finance. Yes, finance is a good degree for former military personnel.

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