Would Information Technology Be a Good Degree for Former Military?

Would Information Technology Be a Good Degree for Former Military?

As the demand for technology has created tremendous job growth over the past few decades, it is becoming clear that information technology is a good degree for former military to smoothly transition into the civilian workforce.

Since profitability is the key to success in today’s competitive global business marketplace, more companies are seeking to recruit candidates with specific attributes and skills that translate well into reaching their goals.

Former military members are often the perfect candidates for these IT jobs because their military skills lead to organizational success.

After all, military veterans are strategic, innovative, team-players, problem solvers, intelligent, and decisive leaders to guarantee best-in-class performance in IT jobs.

If you are a former military member, read on to learn about the top reasons why you should consider pursuing an information technology degree.

Various Areas for Specialization

One of the best parts of choosing a degree in information technology is the ability to choose from various areas of specialization to tailor your curriculum specifically to career interests in the field and previous work experience in the military.

Since you have likely worked with some of the most advanced technology in the world during your time in the military, an information technology degree will offer you more in-depth training in a specialized area of the field that can translate into civilian corporate positions.

For instance, you may wish to use your background in intelligence to specialize in cyber security.

Other hot areas of specialization include data management, digital systems technology, management information systems, network administration, software development, and web design.

Opportunity for High-Paying Jobs

Although it is not wise to choose a career path solely on your future income potential, it is important to choose a degree that will provide a favorable return on investment and pay you well enough to live comfortably as a civilian.

As with any other field, there are certain jobs that tend to pay significantly higher than others.

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that database administrators earn an average annual salary of $77,080, information research scientists can bring home $102,190 each year.

Regardless of the area of specialization you choose, jobs in information technology tend to pay more for former military because you have a specific set of attributes and skills that companies need to succeed.

Job Stability for the Foreseeable Future

Since technological advances seem to be coming at the speed of light in today’s digital world, there is going to continue to be a high demand for IT professionals for the foreseeable future to handle constant changes with pre-existing knowledge of technology.

Therefore, one of the largest benefits of pursuing an information technology degree after leaving the military is to become part of a field that is growing at an alarming rate to help organizations stay up-to-date on the latest technologies.

Many former military decide to become information security specialists, which is one of the fastest-growing IT professions today that is projected to grow at the rapid rate of 37% before 2022 to protect our computer systems from cyber attacks, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Overall, earning a degree in information technology can be a great idea for military veterans that are seeking to join an ever-changing environment that offers flexibility, job stability, lucrative pay potential, and a fascinating use of their skills.

Information technology is a good degree for military, so it is recommended that you consider earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree in IT to start transitioning into this in-demand civilian field.

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