Women's Role in the Military: From Nurses to Combat Roles

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Throughout history, the military has been regarded as a male-dominated institution. However, as societies have become more progressive, women have been gradually granted access to military roles. This article will delve into the history of military females, their requirements, the jobs they can perform, and the current state of women in the military.

When Were Females Allowed to Join the Military?

The exclusion of women from the military can be traced back to ancient times when women were considered unfit for combat. However, during World War I and II, women began to play a significant role in supporting the military as nurses, clerks, and telephone operators. In 1948, the Women's Armed Services Integration Act was passed, which enabled women to join the military as permanent, regular members. In 2013, the ban on women serving in combat roles was lifted, opening up additional opportunities for women in the military.

Military Female Requirements

To join the military, both men and women must meet specific requirements. These requirements include age, education, physical fitness, and medical standards. For women, the physical fitness and medical standards are the same as those for men. Additionally, women who are pregnant or have young children may face additional requirements or restrictions.

Can Females Fight in the Military?

Yes, females can fight in the military. As mentioned earlier, in 2013, the ban on women serving in combat roles was lifted, allowing women to participate in previously restricted positions. Women are now allowed to serve in any military job for which they are qualified, including combat positions.

How Much of the Military is Female?

According to a 2020 report from the Department of Defense, approximately 16% of the military's active-duty force is female. The percentage of female service members varies by branch, with the Air Force having the highest percentage of women (21.8%), followed by the Army (14.4%), Navy (14.3%), and Marine Corps (9.1%).

Who was the First Female in the Military?

On March 21, 1917, Loretta Perfectus Walsh became America's first official enlisted woman of any service when she joined the Navy. In the spring of 1917, the United States began preparing for the inevitability of war. However, men were not enlisting in sufficient numbers.

Female Military Jobs

Women in the military can serve in a wide range of roles, including combat and non-combat positions. Some of the most common jobs for women in the military include administrative and clerical work, healthcare, logistics, intelligence, and communication.

In conclusion, the inclusion of women in the military has been a gradual process. From being excluded altogether to being granted supporting roles and now serving in combat positions, women have made significant progress in the military. The current state of women in the military is one of inclusion, with women serving in a wide range of roles and making up a significant percentage of the active-duty force.

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